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  1. Kaila's Busy Day

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    First Mom said "Let's go." I was ready so, we went to the dog park. I got to play in the mud so, Mom gave me a bath when we got home and, I stole her favorite chair. She got me a giant rag bone to lure me out of her chair after I dried off. We played together with the new bone until...
  2. Question about bathing Labrador Retrievers

    Dog Grooming
    Though my Tessa is a mix, her coat is pretty much the short stuff of black Labs. I've read some folks say they never bathe their Labs, and others that they do it rarely. Tessa is mostly an outdoor dog, so I'm thinking a monthly to bi-monthly schedule may be required. Already after two weeks with...
  3. Do your dogs pee in the house after baths too?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog does this weird thing where he zooms around the house and pees in like... 4~5 different places after baths. Do your dogs do that too? My dog is only 7 months old so I'm not sure if this is something he'd just grow out of or if this is something I really need to worry about. :confused:
  4. Fred's Spots.

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Fred got a bath tonight. (He looks thrilled, doesn't he?) And my fiance took the opportunity to get a picture of his spots, which are otherwise lost under all of his white hair! He does have two large beige spots on his body where his hair actually grows in a slightly different color, but it all...
  5. Dog groomers?

    Dog Grooming
    i would like to get my Dogs groomed this late fall, early winter. and i was wondering whats an average price to pay for two large dogs? i have a Male Stud, year and 3 months, black lab/german shepared 25-26 inches tall and over 90 pounds, not long hair more like a lab coat. also a 9-10...
  6. Bathing Tips

    Dog Grooming
    Hey y'all. I am new here, and therefore do not know if this has been suggested before or not; if it has, it probably won't hurt to bring it up again. :) Anyways, my JRT absolutely hates water. Won't even go in the bathroom because she knows that is where the tub is. I was researching online...
  7. New Puppy Questions

    Puppy Help
    Hi everyone This is my first post, so go easy one me! I'm going to be the proud owner of a Tibetan Terrier from 2nd January and he will be 10 weeks old when I pick him up. I have a few questions which I hope you will be able to help me with, so here goes: At what age are puppies allowed...