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  1. Dog Health and Food
    Hi all, This is my first post here, so hello from Wales, UK 🙂 I adopted my beautiful new friend from Portugal and she has leishmaniasis, so I’m trying to give her a low purine, raw diet. After a lot of reading, it seems that there are few meats that she can safely eat. Could someone reviewher...
  2. Dog Food
    Good day I am looking around trying to get as much info and advice possible from RAW experts with regards to this case: Some history: my dog Keiser ( Pembroke Welsh corgi) has had issues with his tummy from his pup years, after 8 months of struggling we finally moved him over to RAW feeding...
  3. Dog Pictures and Videos
    We have started feeding our pooches raw meat due to the many nutritional benefits. In this video you can see just how much they love it and also how we prepare it for them as they are small so need a bit of help :) Thank you for watching!
  4. Dog Food
    I feed exclusively kibble (Pure Balance small dog) right now for my 6.5lbs & 9.6lbs chihuahuas. I'd like to start feeding half and half but I am unsure of the amounts and what animals are good for feeding them. I'd especially like to know appropriate bones as being chihuahuas they need a lot of...
  5. Dog Food
    I'm thinking about experimenting with a raw diet with my two older girls. I always have problems keeping their weight down despit agility and running in the yard. If I do switch them to a raw diet I want to so it properly. Do you guys have any good resources that I could read on how to set up...
  6. Dog Food
    Hello All! I just recently read about the RAW diet for dogs, and decided to try my hand at it. From what I hear, the RAW diet can prevent some life threating diseases that occur later on in the dogs life due to the chemicals and all the fill-in ingredients such as corn that is in the kibbles...
1-6 of 6 Results