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  1. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey, guys! I just recently got a new roommate who has a 12 year old lab mix. I immediately loved the dog. He is very low-maintenance, loveable and good company. He is trained enough to know to stay on the front yard and is incredibly well potty trained. I love him to pieces but I am starting...
  2. Housetraining
    I could use some advice on a situation with my older dog. He is a 12 year old dachshund. Lately, he pees in the house multiple times a day. This morning I came downstairs and stepped in his pee. When we came home tonight, he had peed twice on the floor. And finally, he peed on the carpet...
  3. Dog Grooming
    Hey everyone! I've been having trouble with my dog's breath and can probably used a couple of tips to make it smell better. I want to get her teeth cleaned ASAP at the vet, but want to be able to maintain good doggie breath. I just bought her a KONG toy so she can chew on it, but she's not...
  4. Dog Health and Food
    I'm looking for any good suggestions for my dog's bad breath. Any effective remedy?
  5. Dog Health and Food
    I have two large (65+ lbs) dogs, ages 4 and 8-9ish. Both of them have developed terrible breath. It literally smells like a dead fish that has been baking in the sun. I can't, for the life of me, figure it out. I've tried brushing their teeth, changing food, dental sticks, everything. Their...
1-5 of 6 Results