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bad behavior

  1. Dog stopped eating food

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello guys, I have a 3 years old Bichon Maltese, when I first got her as a puppy she learned so quickly. Every day till now she doesn't eat breakfast except 1 or 2 treats, on lunch I put the food in her plate but she always eat after we finish lunch at the table. As a dinner sometimes she eats...
  2. German Shepherd mix never stops whining. Ever.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    You saw the title. My near-5-months-old German Shepherd mix never stops whining. It is the most annoying thing on earth and me and my family have tried every trick in the book and read every online article and we cannot get her to stop. I know dogs whine as a way of apologizing, alerting, and...
  3. Help! Little dog is peeing on big dogs in my house

    New Additions
    So my mother in-law moved in about six months ago and brought two old dogs. I already had a middle aged dog living with me when they got here. The dogs are Gus a 12 year old German Shepherd, Bernie a 10-12 year old mutt terrier who was a an abused rescue, and my dog Desmond and...