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  1. After a 6 Month Break: Trucker is Back (Picture Heavy)

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Since we have been on DF (6 months ago) Trucker has been making some awesome progress and doing fun "dog things" that we wanted to share. Trucker claimed my boyfriend as a protector: Trucker has been learning like water: Trucker has been working on his swimming stamina in the pool: Trucker...
  2. Dog in "C" shape position

    Dog Health
    Hi, My mom and I took our dog to the vet several days ago on Friday May 20, 2016. Since the visit, he is very crooked to the right side and can’t walk straight, he kind of walked a little sideways but couldn’t stand without support. His ribcage and everything is more prominent on the right...
  3. Lab with sloshing noise in neck after being attacked

    My 11 yr old lab was attacked , during this the attacker bit her neck - back and shook her back and forth, he now has a watery sloshing noise under her scruff when I pet her, it's tender but she's fine otherwise. Should I worry?
  4. Small dog back pain

    Dog Health
    Hello all, I am sad to report that I found this forum only after my Bichon/Maltese mix 3 year old dog injured his back. I had just brought him home from foster care 3 days prior when he started shaking and whining in pain. I got him settled and the next day took him to the vet where he was...