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back pain

  1. Dog shaking, refusing to move.

    Dog Health
    So a while back I moved with my boyfriends family and they have a 7 y.o Pekingese, he is a bit bigger in size than an average Pekingese dog, we take him for walks 3 times a day, every day and he is used to this schedule. Yesterday I took him out for his usual walk, all seemed fine until the way...
  2. Slipped Disk Options

    Dog Health
    So I reached out to pet my dog and he cried out suddenly. Took him for a walk, but he didn't want to walk. Looked odd and acted even more strange. Took him to emergency vet. Vet told us its a slipped disk. No xrays or anything. Just felt some pain in the back area. dog is OK, but weak, a bit...
  3. Hunched Back, Yelping in Pain, Won't Eat, Can't Rest

    Dog Health
    I appreciate any insight to what is going on with my little guy, Sam. Here is a quick history: I adopted Sam about 2 years ago... he was 3. He is a hairless breed (looks like a big Chinese Crested) and is 18 pounds of lean, muscular dog. He is typically a wildman - very active, very agile...
  4. Meningitis... back exactly a year later???

    Dog Health
    This might be long... I apologize now :) Our dog, Simon, is a mix pitt and lab. He is about 43lbs, 6 yrs old, and we have been told his weight is just fine for his body. I have been his "mother" for about two years now... the owner before me had him since he was a pup. She handed him over with...