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ausstralian shepherd

  1. Wondering about Border Collies, Aussies, & Old Fashioned German Shepards

    Dog Breeds
    We're looking into adopting a puppy in the future and I did some research on these breeds. However, I'm still unsure which would best fit our family. I'm looking for some advice from people who have owned, or currently own, these breeds -- even if they're mixed. Here's a bit about us: We are...
  2. Why wont my dog come to me?!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog is half mini Aussie Shepherd, half Rat Terrier and is 8 months old. She lives with my roommate and I in our apartment. The last several weeks, she has been completely avoiding me. When my roommate is home, she will cuddle up with her, sit with her, and act happy. But when my roommate...