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  1. 11y/o Aussie panic and destructive behavior

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey everyone. I am posting here as sort of a last ditch effort. My dog Reagan has been slowly losing her mind over the last few months. What started off as separation anxiety turned in to destructive behavior. She has always been a bit of a nervous dog but never anything we couldn't manage...
  2. 7 yr old BC/ Aussi Has Cancer

    Dog Health
    Hi all, I had a dog once with cancer, so I understand what will happen and there is no cure. But, I want to tell you all what happened. I moved to Florida recently to help my mom after her hubby passed away. So, things have been busy and had to find a new vet. So, about 4 months back I felt...
  3. Aggression Concern in Aussie

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey everyone! I have decided to post on this site because we have had some recent concerns with our young, male Aussie. He is 7 months old and we have had him for about 3.5 months. He is a fantastic dog at home (minus some hyper moments which are expected, he is a puppy) with my fiance and I...
  4. Mini Aussie Prick Ears...Will they fall?

    Dog Grooming
    Hello All! I have a mini aussie who is 13 weeks old! When I picked him up he had the cutest little ears that were folded, now his ears stand straight up! I have read that the ears often do funky things during teething but will the ears go back down or now that they are up will they stay up? 10...
  5. Aussie mix protective/possessive aggression

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a spayed female Aussie mix, about a year and a half old (she's a rescue), who loves other dogs, loves kids, and is very bonded to me. My boyfriend and I adopted her in June and she's in basic obedience classes, and we exercise her outside for at least two hours per day. In addition, she...
  6. Our beautiful Piper, Sam and Kizzy

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Piper and Sam have been able been able to spend a few weeks with there new pal Kizzy as she goes though behavioral training! Everyone is having a blast! [/URL][/IMG]
  7. New Here, Have an almost 3 year old Aussie

    Hi everyone! Found this forum on the googles today and I wanted to stop by and say hi. My name is Jamaica and I have the sweetest little (well not so little at 65 pounds) Australian Shepherd, Chucko. He'll be 3 in September and he's the light and love of my life. I'll be exploring and getting...
  8. Hilarious Sketch Series Featuring Adorable Dogs!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Premiering today and airing new episodes every Wednesday, please check out HALF BREEDS:
  9. Hilarious Sketch Series Featuring Adorable Dogs!

    General Dog Discussion
    Premiering today and airing new episodes every Wednesday, please check out HALF BREEDS:
  10. should i worry about a lipoma in a 2 yr old dog??

    Dog Health
    Hello, I just found what seems to be a softball sized lipoma on the thigh of my dog. I know that these are common, but I am slightly worried because my dog is so young...she will be 2 next month, She is a female lab/aussie mix, she was a rescue and bred by a sick dog. She suffers from dental...
  11. Dogforum Lurker Turned Aussie Owner

    Hi all! I'd like to introduce my pup, Daisy. I have lurked on here for quite a few months before taking the plunge - let's just say I am a research junkie & you guys helped. A LOT. Hopefully that image works! If you want to see more of her, you can follow her on Instagram (yes, she is a...
  12. Possible pemphigus diagnosis experience?

    Dog Health
    I have a 2.5 year old pure Australian Shepherd who has been mostly healthy his whole life. The past couple months, he has started to develop rawness around his eyes, on his nose and redness around his lips. I took him to the vet for the 4th time and she still thinks it is pemphigus - the...
  13. Fearful 4 mo old Aussie Puppy. Afraid of bikes/scooters/etc.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone, Recently my boyfriend and I purchased a purebred 3 month old (now 4 mo) mini australian shepherd puppy from a local breeder. The breeder assured us that he had been started on socialization, handled a lot while young, etc. He's great around the vacuum, blender, washer/dryer and...
  14. Aussie herding behavior while biking

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 1.5 year old Australian Shepherd. He is a very good dog. He is great at being off leash, coming on command, not going in the street, calm energy in the house and on walks, etc. I take him on lots of bike rides since he loves to run. I take him on some local dirt trails that there are...
  15. Mini Aussie not adjusting to new house (and other issues)

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Long story short, I have a 2.5 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd. We got her when she was 8 weeks old and had just been weened. From day one, she was a very fun loving puppy. Always ready to go and play, and always very sweet. She has always had a lot of exercise, either 45 minute roller...
  16. The herding instinct

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and was wondering if I could get some input from other dog owners. In a few short months I'll be the owner of a lovely Australian Shepherd. I've done a lot of research on the breed and want to make sure that I fulfil the mental needs of my new dog, because...
  17. Aussie Ears.... Will my puppies ears "fall"?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi fellow canine lovers! I recently added a purebred mini Austrailian Shepherd to my family. When I got her, she was about 9-10 weeks old. At the time she had one ear that was up (or also referred to at pricked) and one ear that was folded over. Now she is about 4 months and both of her ears...
  18. Minnie Aussie having seizures and unbalanced

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone, I'm new here and am hoping I can gain some insight or suggestions from some of you. We have a 1 year old Minne Australian Shepherd who has always seemed healthy, and is full of energy..sometimes too much!:) Last week I found her in the backyard at the tail end of a seizure, her...