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  1. Blood in Urine

    Dog Health
    Hoping someone can provide insight! I have a 3-4 year old male Maltese/terrier mix I adopted about 10 months ago. He suffers from terrible allergies and takes Apoquel 2x a day. About a month ago I noticed him "pretending" to mark during our walks and didn't think much of it until he started to...
  2. ALLERGIES - Help!

    Dog Health
    My 5 year old pitbull has had terrible allergies his whole life. Once spring time comes, it's even worse. He was on benedryl for years and now has been on Apoquel for probably 6 months to year (I honestly can't remember how long exactly he's been on Apoquel). It helps but it is extremely...
  3. Itching, fungal ear infections & Apoquel

    Dog Health
    Last Spring I had my then-2 yr old neutered male St. Bernard to the vet for a rather nasty fungal ear infection and when the vet noticed that he was scratching a little and licking at his paws a little, he surmised he had allergies and placed him on Apoquel. There were never any wounds, hot...
  4. Homemade Dog Food Allergy

    Dog Food Recipes
    DOG FOOD RECIPE 45 lb dog gets / day - add water to make it soupy 24 oz boiled sweet peas puree 4 oz baked ground turkey puree 2 oz canned salmon (already cooked) mini muffin pan 1 can divided into 21 add water freeze, she get 3 cubes/day spread out in meals 2 eggs scrambled in olive oil and...