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  1. HELP!!!! sick dog

    Dog Health
    my poor pup recently had an emergency spay due to pyometra and she wont eat! we have gotten her to eat tiny amounts 2 times in the past 3 weeks she is basically skin and bones. over a thousand dollars on vet visits and just more and more medicine but she refuses food. today i was able to get her...
  2. no appetite for a week, a day of full eating, then no appetite again!

    Dog Health
    Cali, my year old Airedale suddenly stopped eating one morning a couple of weeks ago. This dog is a food hound and this happened literally overnight. She went 6 full days without eating a single thing. Drinking water normally. A couple of vet visits during that week; barium x-rays, bloodwork...
  3. Suspicious Weakness/Starvation in Middle-Aged Chihuahua

    Dog Health
    I got a neutered Chihuahua who's almost eight years old. I've had him since he was a few months old. He's a very reserved dog who's never attacked me. No past experiences of abuse. His appetite, up until recent months, had been normal. He's never been overweight, but he still ate often. It all...