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  1. My 8 yo mini schnauzer has Anemia

    Dog Health
    Recently my dog Max has been diagnosed with Anemia. He is at 16% out of what I think is supposed to be over 30% blood count. He is lethargic but seems to be improving and wants to go on walks and also eats normally. He started not wanting to run around 2 months ago (4 months ago he was perfectly...
  2. Why can't the vet figure out what's wrong with my dog

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone! It saddens me that this has to be my first post here, I'm sure I will be reading and posting here over the weekend though :) And sorry this is so long! Hunter, 9 year old Lab/Rottweiler mix - not sure where to start, so here goes: he stopped eating a couple weeks ago (he would eat...