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  1. Hello, All! ZiggyLicious has arrived!

    Hello, everyone. My name is Ashley. I work at Tractor Supply and I co-own an alpaca farm with my mother and little sister. We have 16 alpacas- Make that 17 alpacas with our baby that was just born last week, 36 chickens, and a dog named Ziggy. Ziggy actually needs some help right now. She got...
  2. My dog has cancer & we need some help, please read..

    Dog Health
    My family and I just discovered that the tumor on our black lab's elbow is 99% cancerous. We are getting his whole leg amputated tomorrow in hopes of having a few more years left with him. The cost of everything is 4,000$ at minimum... Needless to say, we dont have anywhere near that kind of...
  3. Malignant Dermal Melanoma

    Dog Health
    Dear All, :dog-cry: Two weeks ago my Chandra, a 7-years-old German Shepherd, went through a surgery to remove a black oval lump between the two digits of her left paw. The surgery went well and we sent the champ of the nodule for further examination. Today we received the result of her...