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american eskimo

  1. Possible hip dysplasia

    Dog Health
    I have two miniature American Eskimos who are both sisters and are 7 years old. Ever since they were puppies, one has always been bigger than the other, but they are both healthy and get good exercise. Since about 5 years old, the bigger one started having hip issues and trouble doing certain...
  2. shelter dogs

    Hi everyone! I found this place on accident, and I'm happy to be here. I am the proud mama of an almost 12 year old American Eskimo who is slightly neurotic and completely devoted and loving. We've had him since birth, as we were fostering his pregnant mama through the local animal shelter...
  3. Eskie owners: what do you feed?

    Dog Food
    I am switching my 1year old mini Eskie from a puppy food to adult and I'm not sure what to look for. I am looking at a food at petsmart called simply nourish source. Has anyone used this? Would you recommend it?