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  1. Asking for advice about choosing a puppy

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello all, this is my first post on dog forum, apologies in advance if this post is lengthy. I would like to ask for some advice/suggestions regarding dog breeds because I am about to embark on the journey of raising a new puppy into a loving companion. Here are a few details about my...
  2. DNA Test Opinions - Wisdom Panel vs Embark

    Dog Breeds
    My Buddy is a mixed American Eskimo dog. I figured it out when he started growing up, that his behavior, body type is different than typical American Eskimo. I am very okay with that and I love my dog. Being natural curious what is he mixed with I purchased Wisdom Panel and to be honest...
  3. What dog should I get?

    New Additions
    Hello to all :) In a year or so, I will be getting a new dog... I'm just not sure what kind to get. :ponder: (Thanks in advance to those who've read this far and are still reading:happydance:) So, before you help me, you'll need to know some things about me. Here ya go: I live in a two story...