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allergic reaction

  1. Acute allergy or puppy cold?

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone. This is my first time posting and I am a first-time dog owner. 2 months ago my fiance and I adopted an adorable, healthy Italian Greyhound at 8 weeks. He is now 4 months old and he is in relatively good health (aside from missing a testicle [only 1 descended]). :D Last...
  2. Any dog owners with animal allergies?

    General Dog Discussion
    As a dog lover, it has always been upsetting that I have allergic reactions to dogs. I have always lived in a home with dogs and I either breakout in rashes and/or have sinus breakdowns. It has never stopped me from loving dogs and I am also about to take in my parents dog. Keeping the dog well...
  3. Does this look like allergies?

    Dog Health
    Hello! My Jack Russell has been increasingly scratching herself, licking/biting her paws, etc and it's now to the point where her skin is being affected (as in you see red marks where she has been scratching, she has not broken the skin yet). My partner and I have change her food about a...
  4. Pup broke out in hives, could it be his food?

    Dog Health
    hi every one, my 6 month old pup broke out in hives last night (i have checked lots of sites and pictures and are definitely hives) all over his body, head and legs. He was pacing up and down all night long itching and whining but i didn't realise he had come up in hives until the morning! He...