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  1. Where to Practice Dog Agility?

    Dog Performance Sports
    Hi, I recently moved to a different part of the state. I used to practice agility in my (small) cement backyard. It wasn't ideal, but I had all the equipment. Now, I have a large, very slightly sloped grassy yard to practice in. The only problem is, I live in Washington, where it rains. A lot...
  2. Tug Leashes in Agility (rules question)

    Dog Performance Sports
    I have a toy motivated dog who loves to tug, and was considering getting a tug leash. It seems helpful to have the tug built in because it's one less thing I have to juggle (leash, clicker, ball, tug, bait bag, my sanity). They were somewhat popular when I did agility years ago with my last...
  3. Crating at Agility Trials?

    Dog Performance Sports
    Now that Biscuit has a nice, new mesh crate, I intend to crate him at trials. He's been crated before, but only in the car, since he's a tad reactive. He Often barks when I leave him, and he strains toward every dog we walk past. I've started breaking him in to the new crate, and he's fine with...
  4. Best Mesh Crate for Agility?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    First off, Biscuit is completely better. In case anyone was wondering. :) The vet said his diarrhea may have been caused by stress, which is possible. He was at a trial that day, and he loves agility trials, but he was hesitant to be crated in the car. That may have stressed him out. It might be...
  5. Agility training plan and handling confidence help?

    Dog Performance Sports
    I have been doing agility for a couple of years now and my dog has potential to do really well. He won up the grades quickly but I really hold him back and need some work! I think my biggest issue is the lack of confidence I have in myself. I always let my dog down which I really struggle with...
  6. How Do I Make It to AKC Agility Nationals?

    Dog Performance Sports
    It's been a year since my first competition with Biscuit. He's come a long way, to be sure. We're in Excellent Standard (with one Q), Excellent FAST (with one Q), and Masters Jumpers (with one Q). And I would really, really like to go to nationals. I know it's a lot to expect, but I think it'll...
  7. Border Collies: Dream Dog or Maniacs?

    Dog Breeds
    I've been having a ton of fun with Biscuit. Agility has been soooo awesome! I'm wishing I'd started teaching him (with no jumping, of course) agility from the day I picked him up. And now I want a puppy. :rolleyes: It's been so long since I've had a furry little puppy in the house. Biscuit was...
  8. NADAC vs USDAA?

    Dog Performance Sports
    I do AKC agility. That's all. But now I'm seeing other trials that are NADAC and USDAA. What's the difference between them and AKC? Membership costs? Thanks!
  9. Dog Agility With a Sprained Ankle?

    Dog Performance Sports
    Well, just like me. Here's Biscuit with a trial in exactly one week (a trial that I already paid WAY too much for, and that is four hours away!), and I've gone and sprained my ankle on Wednesday night. :( I can't put ANY weight on it, really. Has anyone had to run their dog through something...
  10. Dog Agility A-Frame Contact Not Working.

    Dog Performance Sports
    Biscuit loves agility. He does. And I can only blame myself for his main problem of late: A-frame contact. He never did really contact, and I never made him. My bad. Now that he can do the teeter, he can do everything but hit the yellow on the A-frame. I tried him ducking a hoop, and it worked...
  11. Help for Dog Agility Project

    Dog Performance Sports
    Hello, my name is Vikki and I’m studying Product Design at Bournemouth University. As part of my final year I will be undertaking a project to redesign some dog agility equipment. I need to carry out some research so that I can make good design choices, so if you're involved with agility I would...
  12. Help with Puppy Training list

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I may be crazy but I have this notebook and im planning EVERYTHING to do with my new puppy. I have schedules for each week until she gains her adult bladder, I have lists of things I need before and will need and have bought almost everything even though she is still 6 weeks away from coming...
  13. Does Jumping on Cement Hurt Dogs?

    Dog Health
    As some of you know, I've been training Biscuit in agility a lot recently. But my backyard, where he trains every day, is completely cement. Is this harmful for him to jump on in any way? I don't want to hurt him... Thanks!
  14. Which

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I would like to get some suggestions from you. I just started to get more into dog sports, such as agility and fly ball. I'm looking for a new harness and a collar. I would like the harness to be high quality that i will be able to use for a long time. Any brand...
  15. Tips needed for re-training and agility

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So I have two dogs a 2 year old -kali- and a 3 year old -Kiara-, and ever since my sister has became busy with school it became my job to take kiara out to the park when I jus end to take just kali. My sister clearly let kiara get away with a lot, not siting to get hooked up on the leash...
  16. Pomeranians and Dog Sports!

    Dog Performance Sports
    :D Hello forum, I was wondering if there were any members on here that have a Pomeranian, and if so, if they do any dog sports with them? I'm planning on getting Wolfie involved in AKC obedience (my goal is to pass CGC in March, unless he's ready for it much earlier), but I would also like to...
  17. Durham Kennel Club agility trial photos

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    From a trial I went to on 4/20.
  18. Getting Dog to Run Agility Off Leash?

    Dog Performance Sports
    Last year I showed Dixie in 4-H and she did wonderfully in agility. However, it was her first year and she was allowed to be on leash. She seems to really enjoy agility, but this year she has to run off leash. I'm not sure how she will do with this. I was wondering if anyone has any...
  19. How to Stop Zoomies in Agility

    I am new to this forum. I have a seven-year-old Bichon/poodle mix with a zoomie problem. Molly is the first dog I've trained and she loves agility. Previously I did Rally with her, and she has her Advanced title in AKC. I thought she was cured of her zoomies because the last trials I went to she...
  20. Agility Training--"Carry On"

    Dog Performance Sports
    Ok, so let me explain... agility is a tough sport. You are essentially remote controlling your dog through an obstacle course through a series of cues that include the intentional and unintentional. When you begin it seems like it should be easy, your dog listens and likes to run, right? Once...