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  1. On Leash Aggression..I'm SO tired of it!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Rally is my 11 year old lhasa, who weighs 18 pounds, and he 'used' to be a friendly dog..I used that word because about 3 years ago while walking Pandora (my shih-tzu) and Rally in our neighborhood an off leash dog attacked them. Thankfully they were not hurt that time. The SAME dog was off...
  2. Dog attacks smaller animals when I'm not looking

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Ok, so here's the history: Parents are animal lovers with soft hearts. They have 13 dogs and 30 cats which all get along together most of the time (usually they have no problems). Bruno (Pit bull/Boxer mix) was found by my parents 4 or 5 years ago. He loved people but didn't get along with...
  3. Help! Dog afraid of her friendly owner.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    :dog-cry: Help! This poor dog is terrified and her poor owner is heartbroken! I am currently training a dog name Marcella, a 2-year old Italian Mastiff/ Cane Corso. She is a friendly dog, however, she is extremely timid. She was purchased from a reputable breeder about eight months ago by my...