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  1. Puppy 17 weeks old, thoughts on age?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, We are looking at adding a tibetan terrier to our family and would appreciate thoughts from others regarding the puppy's age. First about us: one of us is almost always home so the dog will have plenty of company, we have two girls (seven and nine), both quiet and caring children. This...
  2. When should I adopt a cat?

    Many of you know I'm putting a hold on getting a dog until my financial situation stabilizes. You may remember me mentioning wanting to adopt a cat along with my dog. I'm debating between two scenarios. Option 1: Get the cat first then the dog a year later. We'd focus on adopting the kitty...
  3. Age and Facts Game

    Fun and Games
    --State your age and X facts about yourself where X is how old you are :) -- So I'll go first: Age: 24 24 Things About Me 1. I just got married 7 months ago 2. I'm a Digital Free Lance Artist 3. I have a bachelor's degree in animation 4. I'm a total tomboy 5. I'm a big video game nerd 6. I...
  4. What age are German Shepherd's usually considered fully grown?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    At some point I want to buy a really nice, permanent collar (more or less) for my dog once she is fully grown. The one I'm looking at will be a custom order and will require exact measurements. I'll be getting a female German shepherd. For those of you who have owned shepherds, what age did they...
  5. can anybody tell me how old she is?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    she was a rescue dog, and i am wondering how old she is? and what is the breed/mix? anybody can make an educated guess? thanks.