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  1. Adopted Adult Special Needs, Need help

    I've always been a homemaker. I love taking care of anybody important to me. I decided a few weeks ago I wanted a dog although my fiance didn't really think it was a good idea. I convinced him that adopting a dog from the shelter would be good for us as much as the dog. So, we adopted nix. We...
  2. Exhausted from Research... Puppy vs Adult Brands and Formulas

    Dog Food
    I am so lost. I’ve gone down the a rabbit hole and am overwhelmed. I have look at and priced so different foods it’s ridiculous. I’ll look at one, then another just to go back to the first and then again the third and them a fifth. Like I said overwhelmed. So my fist issue is choosing a brand...
  3. umbilical hernia in 4 year old dog

    Dog Health
    I have a chihuahua pomeranian cross in my care. He is nearly 4 yrs old. He was neutered at 1 year. Afterwards during checkups, it was highlighted to the vet that the dog had an 'outty bellybutton.' The vet seemed somewhat embarrased that she hadnt noticed this during surgery or before at the...
  4. Adult, un-trained, doesn't like treats and indifferent to praise

    We inherited our chihuahua from a family friend who did not have the time needed to care for him. Unfortunately, the man waited till he was 9 months-12 months old before he came to this conclusion and allowed us to take the pup. He is not potty-trained. He has been left in a large room and been...
  5. Puppy Playing With Adult Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, I'm new to forum. I brought a new puppy into the family a few weeks ago. She's a 9 week old female Schnoodle named Pepper. I also have a 4 year old Aussie, Joey. I've never owned two dogs before and I'm wondering how much I should let them play. Joey is very good with her and they play a...
  6. peepee pad training an adult dog! HELP

    Dog Training and Behavior
    hello i just adopted (3 months ago)a chihuahua. he is almost 2 years old. We walk him 3to 4 times a day and now that its getting a little cold he refuses to go out. so since winter is around the corner what are the best ways for me to train him on a pad? PLEASE HELP!
  7. The new guy - adult & puppy interactions?

    New Additions
    :) So we weren't planning on bringing a puppy home until next spring, but after choosing the breed we wanted we got in touch with breed clubs, breeders and other Border Terrier owners. We met up with a Border Terrier breeder and we got to meet six adorable 5 week old wigglebutt puppies :D...
  8. Minpin mix sleepwalking/peeing

    Dog Health
    Hi, I'm new so if this has been addressed please forgive me. I looked but didn't see a thread about it. Last month we adopted a second minpin mix from the shelter. According to her surrender papers she's about 6 years old and was surrendered because her owner was going to college. (Biting...
  9. Dog aggressive chow mix - best training method?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 5.5-year-old female chow/malamute mix I adopted from a shelter a little over a year ago. We have been working on food reward based obedience training, and she excels at sit, stay, and heel, but only when she is without distraction. Distractions for her are generally people, to whom she...
  10. Newly unhouse trained dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    For the last year my dog has been perfectly house trained. Over Thanksgiving I went out of town for the first time since I rescued her. I'm not sure if my dog sitter was waiting too long or my dog was just angry (or both), but she had several accidents in the house. Now, three weeks later...
  11. My adult dog has started biting strangers who come to the house

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We live on 10 acres, with three houses all shared by family. My parents have a 115lb Mastif/Lab mix, my grandmother has an 85lb Golden Doodle and we have an 85lb German Shepherd, a 55lb Border Collie/Lab/Shepherd mix and a 22lb dachshund. All the dogs get along great, however, when strangers...
  12. Crate training & housebreaking problems

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 2 yr old female Maltese mix. We got her as a rescue at about 6 months old. The first year or so she did pretty well, altho' I'm not sure I had her completely housebroken truly, since she did have occassional accidents in the house. A few months ago, she began to do all of her pottying...
  13. Too Early for Adult Food?

    Dog Food
    I have two Yorkies that are fully grown, we just added a rescue to our bunch and he eats their adult food more than his own Puppy food. We're wondering if it's worth it to keep buying the puppy food because he seems to not want it at all. He's a 12 week old pitt/lab mix. Any help at all would...