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  1. (Formerly Abused) Adopted Puppy Afraid Of Being Hit!

    New Additions
    Hi everyone! So i have a problem... You see, i own an 11 Month Old West Highland White Terrier Puppy that i adopted back in August.This issue has been bothering me for quite a while, i just couldn't find a good dog forum to post my question! My puppy had been abused in his previous home, and...
  2. Should I have adopted a second dog?

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    I've had a min pin for about 2 years. He is my world, as I'm sure all of you can relate. We did EVERYTHING together. About a week ago, I met a couple who was trying to find a home for their second min pin. So... I've had him for about 6 days now. He has separation anxiety so we're working on...
  3. Woman in China embezzles money from work to save dogs

    General Dog Discussion
    When dogs are abandoned in Beijing, where do they go? Who takes care of them? It seems the love for animals is universal. See the challenges Chinese volunteers face and the sacrifices they make as they fight to protect stray animals. Here is their story:
  4. 10 Year Old Pomeranian Mill Rescue HELP!!!

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    I addopted a beautiful 10 year old male Pomeranian on Saturday. His name is Auggie and he is very sweet and gentil. He was used as a stud in a mill for his entire life. He is very submissive and gentil, but has absolutley no social skills. He does not understand treats or toys or grass. He does...
  5. Question about transfer of dog ownership

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    My Mother and Stepfather intend to begin divorce proceedings in the near future and would like to hand over ownership of their dog to me before they do so. What is involved in this process from a legal stand point? I dont want either of them to decide to change their mind once they begin divorce...
  6. Dog application approval wait time... how long?

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    I recently found a beautiful puppy on a certain pet shelter website, because its time that our dog had a friend and hopeful to be my exercise buddy... so my mother and I filled out the application for the puppy since Monday (April 30, 2012) and the website apparently doesn't notify you if your...
  7. I rescued a human today

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    This is a touching letter from the dog point of view being rescued. Go to: I Rescued A Human Today - Page 1
  8. Adopting a young toy poodle with cryptorchidism (retained testicles)

    Dog Health
    Hi! I was planning on getting a toy poodle puppy after June, but after speaking to a prospective breeder I have fallen in love with a lovely young red toy poodle (8 months old) that she was planning on breeding but cannot due to the fact that the dog has cryptorchidism (retained testicles) and...
  9. Purchased dog, now they want her back

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    We are a family with four children. We live on an acreage. My eldest daughter has a dog which adores her and hence her brother has been wanting a dog of his own. We looked for a dog since Christmas, we had several opportunities but I wanted to ensure the dog was the right fit. The kids like to...
  10. Adopting another dog - is it a right thing to do in our situation?

    General Dog Discussion
    Today I saw some add about someone looking for an owner for a male GSD with 3 years old. The dog was abandoned by an owner but someone else adopted him, but due to this dog being very fearful, this person will have to give him up, and so this dog might end up being PTS. I feel sad about it, and...
  11. I regret adopting my dog

    New Additions
    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice. I've been wanting a dog for years. I've spent several summers volunteering at a local vet clinic and rescue shelter. I was a dog walker. I've spent the last few months religiously planning for the arrival of our new furry friend. I spent hours researching...
  12. Dog video that will make you cry

    General Dog Discussion
    hi, this is a video made for an animal rights organization. It is exciting. check it out
  13. Dog adoption video

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    Hi everyone, Check out this video me and my friends made for a non-profit organization that calls for animal adoption. Enjoy:)
  14. Dog adoption video

    Dog Art
    Hi everyone, Check out this video me an my friends made for a non-profit organization that calls for adoption of stray dogs. Enjoy:)
  15. Considering adoption soon

    Puppy Help
    We said good-bye to my beloved friend of fifteen years last month. He was a bischon-poodle mix, about 24 pounds. I have had poodle mixes, miniature and small standard, most of my life, including a childhood friend that we had for twelve years also and a peek-a-poo that I competed in obedience...
  16. Advice about getting another dog, please

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    Hi I had 2 dogs and one has recently died at the age of around 13 (not sure exactly, he was adopted and his age was an estimate when I got him around 10 years ago). My remaining dog is 13, she's a pomeranian/maltese and I've had her since she was a puppy. I've looked at a few dogs at the...
  17. Oooo!! New pics of Winnie, check it out!

    New Additions
    Hey guys!! Its Ashliepaws105, I just got some more pics of Winnie-maybe this can help you guys in deciding what mix(es) she might be of. Sheltie? Yorkie? She is six lbs, so I think Yorkie, and Sheltie cause of the coat. She is pretty adorable!! Btw: she is 3 and a half months old!!!:D...
  18. Pooping on sofa, in shoes, and other confusing behavior

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Let me apologize in advance for this long entry. I am a first time dog owner. My grandmother passed away 2 years ago and she asked me on her death bed to take care of her beloved dog gigi. She is a sweet 5 pound japanese chin. She was an only pet and my grandmother spent almost every waking...
  19. Adopting: Questions

    New Additions
    Hi, I am new to this forum and I am adding a new dog to the household. She is a three month old terrier mix. She is very cute and is from the same place where we adopted out previous dog. I just have a few questions: We have our 2 year old dog on Eukanuba. Should the new puppy stay on...
  20. Foster Dog Tales and Tails

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    Mogley G Retriever is a great Golden who has his own blog. He has serious duties helping to foster other Goldens. He is sharing his blog this week with his humans to do a series of success stories. It's a great read anytime, but going to be especially good learning about all the successes. A...