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  1. Finally Adopting!

    New Additions
    I don't post on this forum much but I truly enjoy reading about everyone's experiences and I am so excited about my upcoming addition (and trying not to panic about it) that I wanted to share and hopefully get any tips/advice you seasoned, awesome, experienced people have. I volunteer at my...
  2. Passionate about having a dog - can it work?

    General Dog Discussion
    I'm 22 and have loved dogs all my life. We had a labrador since I was 3 who sadly passed away when I was a teenager and my parents never wanted to commit to another pup. Now that I'm older, having my own dog has become a possibility. I'll explain my situation a bit first - I do currently live at...
  3. Help: Fostering But Anxious About Adopting

    New Additions
    I don't have anyone to talk to so here I am. :o I'm doing a week long medical foster with a dog - she was a stray with a cold when she came to the animal shelter. She'll be done with her medicine today so tomorrow, I'll either have to adopt her or give her back to the animal shelter. About...
  4. Anyone have experience with any of these breeds?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello! My husband and I are looking into getting a puppy soon. Out of all of the different breeds we've looked into there are a few that really stand out to us and seem like they would be a good fit. I'd like to know if anyone here has had experience with either the Tamaskan Dog, American...
  5. inside vs. outside behavior?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My senior lab-mix is the sweetest dog on the planet. She has "mothered" adopted kittens, always been cool with any visiting/temporary/permanent animals in the house no matter what kind, will spoon & cuddle with anyone/anything. No food issues, no territorial issues, etc. Outside she is pretty...
  6. When should I adopt a cat?

    Many of you know I'm putting a hold on getting a dog until my financial situation stabilizes. You may remember me mentioning wanting to adopt a cat along with my dog. I'm debating between two scenarios. Option 1: Get the cat first then the dog a year later. We'd focus on adopting the kitty...
  7. Adopting a street pup nepal

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I am an American going to the university of Kathmandu. I live with my girlfriend on the edge of the valley out of the main city. While walking home late the other night we found a black puppy cold and wet in the dirt on the side of the road. We have...
  8. No Kill Shelter needs Help

    New Additions
    Hi Y'all, Hawk's blog this week is featuring "Less Adoptable" Chessies. We posted 2 this morning. This afternoon I sat down and noticed a news article The Item: News - Shelter will no longer accept animals about a Second Chance Animal Shelter in South Carolina Welcome to A Second...
  9. Adoption nerves...need reassurance

    New Additions
    I just read someone's post about being scared before adopting because of the wait...I have just committed to adopting a little dog, probably chi mix, about a year old, and I am an absolute bundle of nerves. I've never adopted from a shelter before, and haven't housebroken an adult...and know...