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  1. Dog Training and Behavior
    What are some of the best ways to tire out a highly energetic dog?
  2. General Dog Discussion
    I'm trying to find ways to allow KitKat to have a more active life. And I'm a double majored student. So I do not have much free time. So I'm trying to implement doggy friendly activities in my lifestyle. I have to study a lot. But I can take my books to a park nearby. Is it a good idea, if I...
  3. General Dog Discussion
    Hello everybody! I am new to this page... I recently adopted a 7 year old Coon hound and he is the love of my life. When I first got him I wasn't working so I spent a lot of time with him one on one. He did have some small accidents in the house at first but was finally house broken!!! Well I...
  4. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hi, I am moving to Paris soon and I am planning to get a puppy. I have been looking at a bunch of breeds that I really like and have gone through so many options I don't even know what breed I could choose anymore. I am a first time dog owner but I have done so much research and am planning to...
  5. Dog Training and Behavior
    Morning everyone! I was hoping someone could help me with a small problem (not REALLY a problem, but anyway). My 4-month-old puppy, Luna, is incredibly sweet and very attached to her people. She wants to play 100% of the time she's awake, which is great! We have a lot of fun with her. Since she...
1-5 of 5 Results