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  1. Tips for helping my dog recover from ACL Surgery

    Dog Health
    Hello Everyone and thanks for reading. My dog Dexter is going in for ACL Surgery next week and I am looking for tips from others that have gone through this rehab process before. I do have the printouts from the vet that outlines the rehab process so we have a good idea of what to expect but...
  2. Opinions on CCL Tear Conservative Management

    Dog Health
    Hello, My dog recently became 3 legged lame, so I brought her to the vets for x-rays which suggested she has a partial CCL tear and other arthritic changes. My vet advised that he thinks it is likely this will lead to a complete rupture at some point, at which point it will require surgery- but...
  3. Dog has an ACL Tear used PRP anyone else do this?

    Dog Health
    My dog injured his ACL. The surgery looked really invasive and our dog is older but in good health. I went to a clinic that does PRP injections. At first the dog was doing really well but then he was doing so well he was jumping up and down from the couch and what not. I bought baby gates...
  4. Two Failed Cruciate Surgeries, What should I do?

    Dog Health
    I own a mixed breed female dog who will be 9 yrs. old this Spring. I have had her since she was 6 months old and she was a rescue dog. I love her dearly. She has not been a perfect dog, but has mellowed some with age. However, she gets very excited when the mailman comes, or runs at high...