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  1. ACD is spooked/timid after hurting herself?

    New Additions
    Our Australian Cattle Dog is about 10 months old, we adopted her at 8 weeks, last year. She's a great dog and I think we've done everything right so far, especially with her breed (lots of activity!). She is great around everyone, and 99% well behaved despite still being a youngster. Our...
  2. ADVICE NEEDED: Boarding up Aus. Cattle Puppy during vacation?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, first time poster. I'm looking for some advice regarding my Australian Cattle Dog pup. She's only six months old and we have a family vacation coming up. Unfortunately: NO DOGS ALLOWED. Can any ACD owners out there tell me if it is okay to board her with a boarding service for a...
  3. 1st time owner - australian cattle dog in Boston?

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    Hi everyone, First time poster. I’ve been browsing around a bit though - happy I found a place to talk dog. Anyways, long story short my girlfriend and I are talking very seriously about adopting a rescue. We live in Boston, MA. While we’re keeping our options open in terms of breed and age...
  4. Best toys to keep ACD mentally occupied...

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    I have a 3 yo Australian Cattle Dog named Doppler that I adopted a couple of months ago. We have 2 other dogs at home (both Lahsa Apsos) but I think their novelty has worn off and now on him and I need to find something good to keep him occupied both during the day while we are at work as well...
  5. Training a stubborn 1 1/2 yr old Australian Cattle Dog/Terrior mix

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have adopted a ACD/Terrior mix and have been trying to train her with basic commands, annd am having a difficult time. She chews everything, she barks obsessively, and cant get her to understand the recall(come) command. I refuse to give up, but dont know what to do.
  6. New to this forum

    Hi! My name is Jill Marie Fernando and I am a competitive obedience, rally and musical freestyle trainer in the Quakertown PA area. I have where I teach pups and their people. It is a very rewarding career and I love it much! I have been showing dogs in competitive obedience since 1993 with my...