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6 month puppy

  1. Help with six month old puppy-biting

    New Additions
    Hello folks, We have a relatively new addition to the family - Haemish, a GoldenDoodle - and a month or two ago he decided to take on the habit of biting, which has continued right up until he's six months old. At first we thought it wast just a mixture of playful mouthing and teething, but at...
  2. 6m Lab mix fear aggression toward new arrivals.. Everywhere

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My Lab Mix, Bergson is starting to act borderline crazy when people walk in the house, drive by the house, go to the neighbors. He is nolong Barking like crazy, fixating, growling.. His tail touches his undercarriage, and goes into fear/aggression stance. He also is now pulling on his...