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Australian Shepard
10 weeks
tri color
Hey guys I am new here and I'm trying to find answers or suggestion. We got the most amazing 10 week old puppy of my dreams like a week ago! we got him from a breeder and I understand he is still adapting and sad about leaving his mother and sister behind. Zeus loves my boyfriend since day 1. 3 days ago my boyfriend and I were cleaning uo the kitchen as I was washing dishes a wooded cutting board fell to the ground and had no idea that Zeus was right next to me. the cutting board hits zeus head and crying while he runs away. we see him lying on the floor right next to the couch. as my boyfriend approaches him we try to get him up to walk and as he takes a step he just tumbles down. and we try it again and agin. so then we take him to the emergency room. They checked him and everything and they said that he had a mild concussion and that he was going to be ok! Then came the next day and we noticed that his pupil from his left eye was extremely dilated and so we take him to the emergency room again but they were at full so we needed to find another one. they checked him and they said he was ok and suggested that to make an appointment to a vet.
But ever since the accident happened Zeus does not like my boyfriend at all. I think maybe its because he was the first person that he saw after he got his head injury! I don't know and it is really heart braking. my boyfriend has tried making eye contact with him and zeus looks away and tried sitting next to him and he moves away and even paying with him! Zeus only comes to him when he has food that it! I feel like I'm the one to blame not my boyfriend. please help me



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