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What it's like owning a Bernese Mountain Dog.
Many families do not own a giant dog breed but a little one, but families that have giant dogs understand they are a giant bundle of fur. I have always loved giant dogs growing up and my mom was not happy about the second dog I got… which happened to be a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog. While the first dog I have is a Mini Australian Shepherd. While my new puppy was cute, I did not realize how much more work a big giant dog is. My male Bernese Mountain dog will get around 25-28 inches tall (to their shoulders), and weigh up to 84 to 110 lb. As a puppy he is already weighing more than my Mini Australian shepherd, which is totally crazy. But there are many factors of having a giant dog I did not know before owning a giant dog …...besides being a cuddle bug that thinks they are a tiny dog. Bernese Mountain dogs only live to be eight to ten years old and yes you do get super attached to them ( how could you not). As these dogs are giant babies, they can get hip Dysplasia, which is when the head of the femur bone meets the hip socket incorrectly. Elbow Dysplasia, this is an inherited condition which develops abnormality that can eventually lead to a malformation and degeneration of your dog's elbow. Progressive Retinal Atrophy, this is something that can come early or later in your Bernese mountain dogs life. The early side of it has abnormal cell development as early as three months, while the late onset degenerates the eye cells can come around three to five years old. As there are still other medical problems and treatment for all of these health problems, you just have to make sure they see the vet once a year and anytime they feel sick or not acting like themselves. I am not telling you not to get a Bernese Mountain Dog, of course I believe there are two types of dogs everyone needs in their house is the little ball of energy and giant fluff that thinks they are the size of the little ball of energy. There is always a need for a dog in your house, they are the perfect family member to have. I know most families do not want to get a puppy because you have to train them, be home, have the money. But explain this to your kids. Do not just go to shutting down their ideas because you are not ready to handle a puppy. Listen, handle and explain. And trust a dog owner, they will end up changing your life as much as you change theirs. Back to explaining what it is like owning a giant dog breed such as the Bernese Mountain Dog. They are somewhat energetic, while my puppy Bernese Mountain Dog loves to sleep, he does have some playfulm moments. He loves being outside, especially when it is cold. We often have to force our puppy inside at night, and yes he does whine at us because he wants to go back out to play. I have never met a dog that likes duck toys in my entire life then when I got my Bernese Mountain Dog. It's crazy how many duck toys we have bought him and he refuses to destroy. He also likes toys that are oddly too small for him and for dogs that are half the size of him. But owning a Bernese Mountain Dog definitely changed my life and I totally think they would do the same for anyone.


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