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My rottweiler daisy is a huge baby and she would never harm anyone and would always obey us and go into her bed and she always returned after being left off the leash (in a non public place). But recently shes started pulling on her lead during a walk even though shes proved she can walk calmly. And yesterday for the 1st time i repeatedly told her to go into her bed in the living room and she continuously refused. I went over to grab her colour and direct her to her bed and she would usually be fine and go but this time she snapped i attempted to do it 1 more time because i couldn't believe what she just did and she snapped again. So i got my father to bring her outside amd didn't allowe her inside for the remainder of the night. Any suggestions on what to do?


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Well one little note, putting a dog outside after a punishment to be disciplined should be done for no more than 25 minutes.. after that the dog won't connect the two events together and just get distracted and forget why they are out there to begin with. I would try to move her bed, maybe something is bothering her where it is located (like a draft or literally anything dogs are strange) To snap out of the ordinary like that shows something is off just keep looking for change.