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max and lili
French bulldog puppies
12 weeks
Please leave a Text message if phone is unavailable,will reply with a call back . Here we introduce to you a very special litter of the beautiful coloured puppies. They have been raised in a dog loving environment that outshines many. These pups have been incubatored from birth to give them the best start to life. We have given them 24/7 around the clock care and have gone the extra miles to produce one of the best litters. This is a very rare chance to obtain yourselves a new member of the family that will love you unconditionally and cherish you and bless you with the cutest memories ever. We have given these beauties a regime many breeders opt to Not doing. We wean from milk onto puppy mousse and then onto mother and baby dog food then from there we wean into PUPPY FOOD. Many breeders avoid the two middle stages and opt to put there pups onto puppy food directly after milk to save on costs. We spend more time on the care of our dogs/pups then anything. They are friendly with children and very social. We have 1 boy available Top Quality Maskless Platinum wrapped in Cream/Merle with blue eyes carries cream in his DNA


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