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My gorgeous hound
Ancient Dog Breed with 5000 years history from mesopotamia(kurdistan region)
my powerful friend ,cute and powerful
my puppy doesn't like my boyfriend anymore
My dog has a habit of biting peoples fingernails when she’s licking their hand
My dog recently had mammery masses removed. Three days after surgery I sent a photo to my vet and they said the incision (at this point) looked fine. She finished her antibiotics two days ago and just today the incision started looking worse.
I give most of my shots myself. opinions on doing microchip myself
What it's like owning a Bernese Mountain Dog. Many families do not own a giant dog breed but a little one, but families that have giant dogs understand they are a giant bundle of fur. I have always loved giant dogs growing up and my mom was not happy about the second dog I got… which...
How beautiful is my lovely Lulu?
A lovely young lady and extremely smart. But has a mind of her own. Loves to eat everything. And I mean everything
My rottweiler daisy is a huge baby and she would never harm anyone and would always obey us and go into her bed and she always returned after being left off the leash (in a non public place). But recently shes started pulling on her lead during a walk even though shes proved she can walk calmly...