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I give most of my shots myself. opinions on doing microchip myself
Hello i want to know what breed is my dog can you help me??? the photo is hereeee
i want to sell my dog
What it's like owning a Bernese Mountain Dog. Many families do not own a giant dog breed but a little one, but families that have giant dogs understand they are a giant bundle of fur. I have always loved giant dogs growing up and my mom was not happy about the second dog I got… which...
Pomsky puppy babies and parents
Havanese Puppies for Sale, The Havanese is quickly becoming a favorite among the toy breeds due to its playful and cheerful nature. Havanese want only to be with the people they love and are excellent with children and other dogs and even cats.
The Golden Retriever has been a beloved family pet for generations. This sporting breed has a reputation for being sweet, gentle, and willing to go the distance to please its person or its people. To know more explore the types of breeds we offer.
A true American breed, the Boston Terrier, originated in Boston, Massachusetts, and has continued to be popular today for its versatility, temperament, and physique.
I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.
How beautiful is my lovely Lulu?
A lovely young lady and extremely smart. But has a mind of her own. Loves to eat everything. And I mean everything
My rottweiler daisy is a huge baby and she would never harm anyone and would always obey us and go into her bed and she always returned after being left off the leash (in a non public place). But recently shes started pulling on her lead during a walk even though shes proved she can walk calmly...