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  1. you know what we need...

    Off Topic Discussion
    Bit chilly there, eh, Calypso?
  2. you know what we need...

    Off Topic Discussion
  3. you know what we need...

    Off Topic Discussion
    Are you going to be driving through on I-80? Wave as you go through Indiana! :)
  4. Secret Santa 2014!

    Dogforum Community Announcements
    I see your "suggestions," and I raise you [LIKE I'M GONNA TELL].
  5. So, be many of your dog's toys just "mysteriously disappear"?

    General Dog Discussion
    We actually have the opposite problem. Calypso insists on never losing a toy, ever. So when we go to the pet store, her souvenir must be something she can eat. Brat. :)
  6. you know what we need...

    Off Topic Discussion
    Netflix streaming - free trial :thumbsup: I actually got hooked while watching it in reruns on TVs at the gym, so closed-captioned while listening to my own music. Imagine my surprise when I watched those episodes for real, with sound!
  7. you know what we need...

    Off Topic Discussion
    Do you watch Supernatural, KK? Hot guys killing demons to an amazing classic rock soundtrack. Songs by episode
  8. Music that you like...

    Off Topic Discussion
    I am not the world's biggest Beatles fan, to say the least, but this is a great song.
  9. I will have to say goodbye to my dear Bearded Dragon, he is very ill

    Other Pets
    Calypso said to tell you that she promises not to chase frogs for a week in Haraldur's honor. I tried to explain to her the difference between an amphibian and a reptile, but she was having none of it. :huddle:
  10. you know what we need...

    Off Topic Discussion
    To be clear: I don't "like" the reason. But I think the sentiment--and the fact that you can articulate it even through your pain--is sweet and amazing. Basically, spot, you rock.
  11. [USA] [Domestic preferred]

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  12. Lasy year...

    Off Topic Discussion
    Posted on another thread before I spoiled the surprise by looking at an old post. Thanks, mod of mass destruction. You made my night. :)
  13. Would you change your child...

    Off Topic Discussion
    Let me fix that for you: The parents thought other adults would think less of *them* for having kids with Russian names.
  14. Lasy year...

    Off Topic Discussion
    Request: movie dog or other animal I remind you of. Do your worst. harleyboysmom's avatar is amazing.
  15. you know what we need...

    Off Topic Discussion
    Seasons don't fear the reaper. I wish they would. :(
  16. [USA] [Domestic preferred]

    Talk to the Team
    Thanks, crock & fellow mods! Have a great day!
  17. Is there a specific dog breed that likes to cuddle?

    General Dog Discussion
    I have a Bichon now; I had one growing up as well. Childhood dog Flocki was a cuddlebug from day one. She wanted to be with us, be in our laps, relaxing and being petted. Calypso is my spitfire now. She had a wild puppyhood (she is eighteen thousand times the "dog" that Flocks was) and it was a...
  18. When your dog 'calmed down' with age - what did that mean for them?

    General Dog Discussion
    Calypso "grew up" between 1.75 and 2.25ish years. When I took her to my parents over the holidays last year, she was still pretty much a handful. She would *try* to settle down (and believe me, we've been working on "settle while Sundog works" since she was a puppy), but getting the antsies was...
  19. preservation and/or assessment of breed temperament

    Dog Breeds
    To clarify: Calypso's breeder breeds for conformation first and foremost; the kennel is several generations into breeding the dogs it shows. (I don't really follow dog shows, but I have a vague idea that her pedigree is impressive.) But since obviously not all the puppies fit the breed standard...
  20. Stephen King stuff.

    Off Topic Discussion
    This surprised me when I read the short story, too! "Maybe it's because I'm Irish," says Morgan Freeman in the movie. Perfect line, perfect delivery :D Apparently they are going to remake The Stand (which is also less "horror" than stereotypical SK, more along the lines of the Dark Tower...
1-20 of 478 Results