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To spay, or not to spay?

This is a discussion on To spay, or not to spay? within the Puppy Help forums, part of the Dog Training and Behavior category; Originally Posted by Virgo Since having her (the last 24 hours!) I find people like to pass comment (fine when asked, can be annoying when ...

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Originally Posted by Virgo View Post
Since having her (the last 24 hours!) I find people like to pass comment (fine when asked, can be annoying when not!) and a few people have said 'Hope you have a litter before you spay her'


She isn't pedigree so doesn't have papers etc, so it wouldn't be to 'breed' her if I did anyway, and what I would do, if having a litter really is best for her, is donate them to dogs for the disabled or a similar charity so they can be trained as a service dog (this is what we will be training Hallie to be, in a fashion)

Thanks (in advance!)
"People" annoy me.

I'll say up front that I'm one of the camp who believes delaying spay/neuter is better for the dog, but that doesn't mean that I think she ought to be bred first.

Now if you decide to keep her intact, and it turns out she's a steller service dog and you decide to breed her to another steller service dog in hopes of perpetuating those qualities (and you have a service dog organization who's willing to take and train the pups so you're not left doing it), then THAT would be a reason to have a litter out of her.

But to look at a young pup (papered or not) and insist that she have a litter before being spayed, before any testing (physical or conformation wise) have been done to determine fitness......

On a side note I do know of people who have intact females (and males) for their service dogs, without having random litters, I've never asked how they handle the heat cycle though.
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Thanks Lynne Marie. I read about that last night

I've just contacted a trainer (for the basic puppy training classes) and thought I may ask her what she thinks when she's seen how well she trains at puppy classes.

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Oh damn, I was meant to not put her name in on here because it makes my posts searchable to others! Is there anyway I can edit the post? Just so I can take her name out...
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Edited for you. We aren't going to hear about your puppy by name then?
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I'll just call her H!

Ruth Catrin, Great advice too, Thank you

She's doing well today. She wee'd outside, and then turned over for me to rub her belly
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Old 09-06-2012, 08:16 AM
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Please do not breed her. It takes a special dog to be a working dog or service dog. If it were so simple, you could go to a shelter, adopt all of the dogs scheduled to be euthanized, and turn them all into service dogs.
There are many dogs already who need homes. It will not benefit your dog to breed her. It WILL risk her life, risk the puppies, take a large amount of your time, money, put your dogs training on hold for at least four months. Then, what happens if the puppies you 'donate' don't turn out, and the people give them back to you, because they need a working dog? Can you support 8 or 10 large dogs, or go through the expense and time it takes to properly home an 8 month old mixed breed puppy?

iF your dog is from excellent working lines, for generations, you are properly set and knowledgeable enough to breed and raise a litter, all of your dogs health tests are passed, her.temperament is ideal, she actually performs above standard, then you find a stud dog who also meets those requirements, AND would improve both qualities between the dogs, then consider breeding.
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eTA: having an intact female service dog will also be a challenge. Wait until she is full blown heat, and taking her into public and males relentlessly stalk her. Some females become extremely distracted in heat, some get nippy, some clingy, some spacey. It's twice as much work having intact working bitches, and most of the time I have to leave them at home during this time.

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I think it is very important to spay and neuter your pets. For their quality or life and so that there are no unwanted litters. I have some weird neighbors, that will see me walking with Bentley, (now and before he was neutered) They would hint, like "oh I want my shihtzu to have a litter soon, wouldn't shihtzu cavalier mixes be so cute!" or the lady with a tri cav female from a pet shop, who says "Oh I want her to have a litter then I will spay her, I have been looking for the right male!" eye balling My Bentley. I just say "he is neutered, so that won't work. It makes me a little sick, Bentley is a Pet quality Cavalier, I choose a pet Quality Cavalier because I wanted a Pet, not a show dog or a breeding dog. His mom is a breeding/show dog and I am taking her in the summer, but she is being spayed right away. I want her as a pet. a family member like Bentley and my cats.
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You should send Bentley out for free stud services so that stupid people don't have litters.

ETA: Sorry, that was totally OT, and I couldn't help myself. I just want to commend Virgo for researching this and educating yourself. I've followed the thread and wished more dog owners would do that.
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Don't litter.....spay and neuter.
Not every dog has the disposition/drive to be a service dog. Some dogs aren't able to do the job, when you look at breeders who raise dogs for the purpose of training them to be a service dog, they have to disqualify several of the puppies because they don't have the disposition....these are people who do this for a living.
Do your dog, the pet population and yourself a HUGE service and look into getting her spayed before her first heat.
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Absolutely spay. All of my bitches were spayed and all had *no* ill effects afterward.

Also, service dog agencies just don't accept unwanted litters of pups from folks whose bitches have had pups. If that was so, then every backyard breeder and every Tom, **** and Harry whose bitches got pregant would be dumping untold numbers of unwanted pups at these places. What happens to excess, unwanted pups? Most end up at overcrowed, "kill" shelters. A very few lucky ones will find homes (either before the litter is dumped at the shelter, or through the shelter). Most will die. please spay your bitch. It's the kindest thing to do overall.
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