Puppy potty training/behavioral issues

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Puppy potty training/behavioral issues

This is a discussion on Puppy potty training/behavioral issues within the Puppy Help forums, part of the Dog Training and Behavior category; So, my boyfriend and I just got a 5 month old lab and border collie mix named Cain. We've been attempting to house train him. ...

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Old 09-24-2015, 10:24 PM
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Puppy potty training/behavioral issues

So, my boyfriend and I just got a 5 month old lab and border collie mix named Cain. We've been attempting to house train him. He seemed like he was starting to get it when we started giving him treats when he went outside every time but now he's just peeing whenever he wants, wherever he wants. We've been relatively consistent with taking him out often enough. We also have another dog who is a cockapoo named Belle and I've had her since she was a puppy, she's now 3, almost 4. The new puppy is extremely hyperactive and always running around or getting into something - I've given him bones to keep him busy but it only works for a few minutes or temporarily. But not only that - the other issue is that when my boyfriend is home, but I am not home, he says that Cain will just chill and lay there or chew his bone - he's just calm and doesn't pee in the house - he laid there the other day and went almost 2 hours without going outside and didn't have an accident. But when I get home it's a different story, he is constantly peeing in the house (I'll usually take him out quite often in fear of him having an accident) and he's constantly being hyperactive and obnoxious. Anyone have any idea as to why he's calm for him and a pain in the butt for me? Just to clarify, when it's ONLY my boyfriend Ray home, he's fine. But when we are both home then he loses his mind. HAAALLLPP PLEASE before I lose my effing mind. Kthanksbye.
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Old 09-25-2015, 08:38 AM
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Good morning!

I'm no expert but it may be that your taking him out so often in fear of him peeing in the house that it's actually hindering the housebreaking and giving him the idea that "hey this lady will just take me out whenever so I'll keep annoying until she does" whereas your boyfriend ignores him essentially until something warrants him to go out such as play, nap, eating, etc. I've been the same way and had to learn that no is no and down is down and stick to it. My husband will always have the firmer presence but eventually my point will get across. Hope this helped a little and good luck
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Old 09-25-2015, 08:57 AM
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He's a BC mix - get used to the crazy, for a good few years. I had a Lab/BC mix and I believe she "settled down" around age 2-3. She was a riot, though, in her crazy puppy years!

He may just think you're more fun to play with, hence why he wants to play with you.

I would suggest investing in both fun, interactive toys (like tug toys and balls to play fetch) as well as puzzle toys (like a Kong or Kong Wobbler or something similar). Use the interactive toys to interact with him - if he mouths you, redirect to the toy, and use the puzzle toys when you need him to settle down and entertain himself.

Keep in mind he won't entertain himself all the time. In fact, as long as you are present, I'd do at least a 70/30 split - 70% of the time, you are playing with him, and 30% you have him entertaining himself. That way you can save puzzle toys for when you're not around AND he'll keep thinking you're a fun, engaging person. That will make training easier in the long run!

As for the housetraining, just keep up the consistency. It's not uncommon for puppies to regress.
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Old 09-25-2015, 09:23 AM
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Hi @Dgalyen !

Welcome to DF! You will find lots of great information here.

I also have a lab x BC and she is WILD - in a good way!
She just turned one year and I just love her. I will say that she NEEDS a job. I started basic obedience with her literally week one and I think that made a huge difference. Check out the housebreaking stickies here on DF, I think they could help you. Personally, I'd go back to square one with housebreaking because it seems that your pup may be confused.

This is a mix of two VERY smart and VERY active breeds. Going from a cockapoo to a lab x BC, I can see how you could get frustrated! They are so different, IME.

What worked with my girl:

Daily walks - AM and PM, 1.5 miles each way.
Training- simple things: sit, leave it, watch me, her name, etc.
Toys- I buy a lot of toys. They necessary for her, not an option. I buy a few when they go on sale and rotate them so she thinks she's getting new toys more often than she is.
Chews- Bully sticks/Himalayan chews/Kongs stuffed and frozen
Puzzle toys


-Find a positive reinforcement trainer and get enrolled in some classes. Even if you can do the training yourself, the social aspect is good.
-Puzzle toys
-Start training now, Kikopup has a great YouTube channel.
-Square 1 with housebreaking
-If you could put her/him in doggie daycare once or twice/week, that would tire her out to relax at night.

As I said, my girl is a year old and shows no signs of settling down. I recently took her for a 13 mile hike up a mountain and when we got back down, she was wagging her tail and running around me. She was ready to go back up, I was ready to nap!

Oh, one more thought, when I was housebreaking, I tethered her to me when I was home. She was in her crate when I wasn't home or couldn't tether her (like when I was cooking - I didn't want her near the oven). That allowed me to get used to her signs of "oh I gotta go!" and I think it got her used to being in my sight. Now, she follows me all around the house

I hope this makes some sense. I'm obsessed with my dog and could go on and on and on.... I'd love to see pictures of your pup!
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Old 09-25-2015, 10:02 AM
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Hey there!

First of all, ohhhhh Border Collies. I feel like regardless of how much BC is in there, as long as your dog is part BC, you're going to have some crazy. (You're not as crazy as me, as my new puppy is 100% BC. ) Labs are also crazy, especially as puppies.

Bones are fine, but not super interesting for high energy breeds. Mine will chew, but generally after we've exercised. Then they chew and have a nap. I highly recommend looking into some Kongs if you haven't already. (Both of mine are eating some peanut butter out of their respective Kongs as we speak, so I'm relaxing for 5 minutes, ahhhhh).

How often are you home vs your boyfriend? He could just be super excited to see you, and as Poppy said, maybe you're way more fun! The best way to tire out a BC mix is with some fun physical and then mental exercise. I would take him out for a nice walk/run around/fetch and then do some training. I have a feeling you'll be pleased, because Labs and BCs are fairly easy to train.

It's not uncommon for your puppy to have accidents still, 5 months is young. His peeing with you around could also be due to excitement, if he's very hyper with you around. Stay consistent and really reward heavily when he potties in the right spot.

Also, I demand pictures!
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You can also read this article about how to train a dog from his early age: https://www.hirerush.com/blog/8-basi...training-tips/
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