Picking up my 9 week old Australian Shepherd tomorrow! Any help appreciated!

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Picking up my 9 week old Australian Shepherd tomorrow! Any help appreciated!

This is a discussion on Picking up my 9 week old Australian Shepherd tomorrow! Any help appreciated! within the Puppy Help forums, part of the Dog Training and Behavior category; Hi guys! First of all, I'M NEW! So hello and I'm excited to learn from you all! Let me also apologize for this long post. ...

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Old 10-12-2012, 04:06 PM
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Exclamation Picking up my 9 week old Australian Shepherd tomorrow! Any help appreciated!

Hi guys! First of all, I'M NEW! So hello and I'm excited to learn from you all! Let me also apologize for this long post.

My background on dogs: When i was younger my family got a Golden retriever and we had him for 13 years. He died three years ago. I was the primary 'trainer' (if you can call it that). He wasn't FULLY trained (since 12 year old me only taught come, sit, beg, etc etc) so he would cause trouble but this died down when he got older and just knew not to do things. He was not crate trained (he had access to the puppy pads in the garage, etc). Anyway, I am going to be picking up the second dog of my life tomorrow. I was young when I had a puppy and the responsibility didn't rest on my shouldes then to train, but I am way older now and I plan to be a great mommy. Having said that, it's also been a long time since i've had a puppy and THIS time, solely to myself! I am confident with my abilities to be with a dog. I also worked for a while in a doggy daycare/police dog training center and I had a wonderful time with dogs there too (both old, young, all breeds, shy, outgoing, you name it)

My dog: I am picking up my 9 week old australian shepherd tmrw! He is a cute liver and white coloured fluffy thing and has a super chill/mellow disposition. Any pointers (about food, about toys, about health, about ANYTHING) will help but here are some specific questions that I have:

1) what kind of treats can i feed him when charging the clicker, promoting reinforcement, giving a distraction, etc etc? I'm watching the videos by kikopup on youtube that's being posted everywhere and I love her training method but I want to know what treats I can give the puppy to not overload him on fatty stuff/junk food. She was giving out a LOT of treats!

2) What should my puppy's feed/pooping schedule be like? I am willing to get up for him every 2-3 hrs a night for the first one or two weeks for him. I plan to crate train him as well. I have to leave in the morning at 830 for work. He will be coming with me b/c work allows dogs (yay!) but he will be on leash and boxed in with cardboard around my desk for the first week or two as well to prevent him from running away haha. I will also set up puppy pads to try to get him to go on it, in case I make the bad mistake of misjudging when he needs to go. Anyway, I've heard 3 to 4 3/4 cups a day is good. Any brands recommended?

3) I know that it's important to be consistent with the puppy's training. One of the rules for him at home is he is not allowed into the bedroom (where there is carpet). But i've also heard that for crate training, having him in the room calms him down for the first week. So, should I let him in or should I not? If i let him in for the first week to make him feel safe, will it still be easy and okay to teach him that he will be in his crate in the living room? Also, I plan to train him out of his crate as he gets older.

Sorry for the long post!! AND THANKS IN ADVANCE!! (going to put an exclamation b/c i'm getting the puppy tmrw)
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Old 10-12-2012, 07:52 PM
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hi cszeto. and congrats! look around this forum for ideas on toys, health hehavior. DF has it all and it has the best.

1. i used really good treats to charge the clicker. for daily training, mix it up, if he likes it, use the kibble. don't worry about the extra, the peices are really small. just adjust his food a little to compensate.

2 take him out every 15 20 when you can. try to catch those accidents before they happen and give him lots of lovin or a treat when he goes. never scold him forngoing inside.

feeding 3 or 4 times a day is good. you'll learn how quick he metabolizes and you can adjust the frequency if he is flagging between meals. follow the food label ratios. when it comes to food, you usually get what you pay for but not always. look for fewer artificial ingredients, meats as the main source of protein. it's much like the food labels for us. if there are too many unpronounceable ingredients and lots of fillers and dyes, move on. the good thing is it isn't like you are trying to figure out an entire grocery order. it's just one brand, one kind. research it and see what you think. some ingredients just sound unhealthy (like chicken digest or beet pulp). there are a lot of differing opinions. some are educated opinions and some are not. i am of the firm belief you'll have to form your own and go from there im sure a few others will gve you brand names.

3 i let my dog sleep in my bed so i'm not the best to answer but leaving something with your scent may help. yes, you could train him back to the living room. either way, be prepared to ignore whining and barking. if you are gong to crate him, everytme you take him out or even acknowledge his whining, you will reinforce it.
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Old 10-13-2012, 09:27 AM
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Congrats on your new puppy! For clicker training I would use kibble at home where my dog tends to pay more attention to me. When training at puppy class or in public places where her focus isn't always on me I use lunch meat. It makes her way more interested in what I have to say then using the kibble.
When we crate trained Rhubarb, I also did not want her in the bedroom. We started her right off in the living room and we didn't have any problems. Of course she whined the first few days in her crate, but she would settle down pretty quick.
Post pictures of your new puppy! He/she sounds adorable!
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Old 10-17-2012, 04:00 AM
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Thanks guys for your answers!!

Just an update on the situation! My dog is a GENIUS! He basically puppy pad trained himself over night (he had one urine accident on the carpet and two on the hardwood floor the first day he was here, never poop). I cleaned those up with paper towel and enzyme cleanser. Then i wiped the pee scent onto the puppy pad and the next day, we found everything else on the puppy pads (pee AND poo!). I didn't take him out the first two nights b/c it was raining way too hard and he just didn't want to go in the rain and we were both soaked in under 10 seconds

Anyway, he is a people pleaser. Turns out he's actually only partial to treats and way more into praise, kisses and rubs. Today, I've taken him out 3 times (every 3 hrs) and he has eliminated outside for all of them. Haven't gone on the pad at all inside today and it's only day 3!

I also took him to work for the first time on Monday. He peed a couple of times in the hallway (which i cleaned up) but he held his poop in until i took him to a grassy patch near the work doggy park! How should i go about making him know that he shoudln't pee indoor at work? I went to the doggy area outside every 2-3 hrs but he didn't eliminate at all during that time. I have a feeling he just doesn't want to go on the dirt (which was the type of ground at the doggy park) but on grass instead b/c the moment we walked to a grassy area nearby he made a poop. Do your dogs prefer to only go on grassy area?

We actually decided not to crate train him since he's on such good behaviour! Instead we put antichew spray everywhere (sofa, wooden table legs, curtains). So far, he's only chewed through one cord (a charger for my 3DS) which i accidentally left out and didn't spray with antichew. And he usually bites his toys or mess up his sleeping mat bc he's biting it and flinging it around. Otherwise, when my boyfriend and i retreat to our room at night, all he does is whine for a couple of minutes (never bark), then he goes to sleep or does his own thing until morning.

Anyway, we named him Teddy. He is just such a sweet pup!! I am currently on a comp without his pic but I will update my profile with his picture in the near future!!
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oops also . .

Forgot to mention that i've chosen to feed him buffalo blue for now. He's doing good on it for now . . . doesn't seem to have a preference. But his stool is a little softer than the first two days that he was here so i might change it up?
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Old 10-17-2012, 08:36 AM
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Try adding a little PURE pumpkin ( not the pie filling) to his food to firm up his poop. Congrats on your pup!!
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