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Night time? Oh lord, no.

This is a discussion on Night time? Oh lord, no. within the Puppy Help forums, part of the Dog Training and Behavior category; Originally Posted by Alethea Oh, yes. I figured that out, haha. He's already destroyed my laptop charger the little bugger. I cover all my cords ...

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Originally Posted by Alethea View Post
Oh, yes. I figured that out, haha. He's already destroyed my laptop charger the little bugger. I cover all my cords now.

I try to be patient, but there's only so much I can do. I really don't like being yelled at. But I need to stand up for Loeki.

I took him outside just a few minutes ago, we ran around for an hour and when I brought him inside he was just pooped out. Lay down and practically fell asleep right there. My mom advised me to keep him awake so that he'll sleep tonight. is that something that could be good to do? Limit his naps and he'll sleep better?
I don't know how well that works.... to try to get him REALLY tired by keeping him up. Over-tired puppies sometimes just go crazy nutzo too, so I'm not sure what you'd get! If pup is pooped and sleeping, maybe its time for both of you to get some sleep? Isn't there some saying... "let sleeping dogs lie?"

Good job getting him tired out. Maybe that's the new ticket to peace at night! They do change so fast so you have to constantly re-assess and adjust your management tactics.
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Originally Posted by Alethea View Post
He's really a nice guy, he just has a temper. He's an ex-alcoholic. He always apologizes after yelling at us or the puppy, and he loves Loeki to bits he really does. He's always going out of his way to give him his favorite treats and even takes him off my hands in the morning when Loeki's whining to get out of my room and play and I'm too tired. He just has a short fuse.

Just a couple minutes ago he noticed dog poop on the carpet, and started screaming. I explained that I've had Loeki with me ALL day since I got home from school, I took him for two walks, and two naps, and cuddle time in my room. But he still says I wasn't watching him good enough. He said he doesn't care if it's Loeki or the other dogs, but if he catches one of them doing it they'll be going off the balcony. *sigh*

I'm doing the best I can with him. He's such a good boy. I just need to keep a hawk-eye on him so that there's NO room for him to make a mistake when my step-dad can see. I just hope it doesn't make him develop separation anxiety. He does well when I'm at school away from him.

And the cabin isn't a secluded cabin. it's in a 'neighbourhood' of cabins, with about 50 dogs living around there, and dog crap everywhere haha.

Would that still be safe to take him to?

Oh. Does anyone have any idea how I can stop him tugging at my pants when we play? He wants to 'herd' me, and redirecting him to a toy doesn't work. He's ripped two of my jeans already, and my family says im being too soft on him because I just open his mouth, take it off him, and wait until he's calm and sitting before we play again. She says I should be smacking him on the muzzle.
I'm sorry, but I can't stay quiet here. "ex-alcoholic". there's no such thing. He's an alcoholic. Maybe in recovery. If he doesn't buy into that, then he's not in the recovery phase yet, and still doesn't understand, at the basic level, what it means to be an alcoholic. My situation is by no means unique, so I'm sure there are others here who can corroborate, but an alcoholic figure in the "Male Role-Model" slot during your formative years isn't the best thing to have. Also, please find him a "creative" outlet outside of your home (read: outside of the influence of your family) that can do not only the pup, but yourself as well, good.

It is NOT ok to strike, physically, verbally or emotionally any other living animal on this planet, no matter WHAT the circumstances may be. If you're living in this kind of environment, please reach out to a trusted friend or relative (adult) and let them know. You WILL regret staying in this situation as you age.
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