New pup expections

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New pup expections

This is a discussion on New pup expections within the Puppy Help forums, part of the Dog Training and Behavior category; Well, its been almost 2 weeks since we brought our new pup home and things have settled down and slowly we are figuring out our ...

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New pup expections

Well, its been almost 2 weeks since we brought our new pup home and things have settled down and slowly we are figuring out our new lifestyle with the little guy. I am starting to have moments of "when will my life get back to some sort of normal."

He's doing well with housebreaking, we are working on basic commands, enrolled in puppy class, and he has lots of time playing outdoors and getting familiar with our barn and horses. He's "ok" with our cat; I'm working on distractions and getting his attention to keep him from chasing her.

And he's getting along well (I think) with our older resident dog. They do play rough at times, tails are always wagging, and he is relentless with the older dog. She's a rescue/abuse, and never learned to play, had a couple litters before being rescued, and its great seeing her play with him. But, I have to interrupt them a lot. For me. It just gets to me. They are always tail wagging, and there's little to no yelping, growling, etc. But he is relentless with her. She'll pin, roll, nibble at him, and he is non stop. So I break them up after more than 10, 15 minutes. Inevitabley, they always go right back to it til he gets that wild/crazy running non stop thing going, then I break them up. I'll hold him, and he'll crash in my arms. I then put him in his crate or bed.

Tonight, there was a big yelp, and he was holding his leg up funny. I put the older dog out, and he was quickly walking fine. I feel bad putting the older girl outside all the time to separate them, but I have no options. Even if I gate them, the older dog just sits on the other side. I fear the pup won't let up and it will turn ugly eventually.

He's had the kitchen and living room area, and we bring the crate into our bedroom at night. I bought a nylon playpen I intended to have him graduate to once he's a little bigger, but, now I'm wondering if I've made a mistake letting him have the large living area (supervised) the majority of the day. I have a smaller pen I feed him in so he is separate from our other dog. When he is in the smaller pen to be fed, he wants out IMMEDIATELY. I tried the larger pen once with a filled kong, but as soon as he saw that he was confined, he wanted out.

Have I blown it for utilizing a larger pen for an amount of time more than I'd have him in his crate?

I was intending to put his crate in the pen when I want to go do work on the property or for a trail ride and will be gone for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time, so that he has more room to move around and can keep water in there.

I crate him about 3 times a day anywhere between 1/2 hour to 2 or 3 hours, depending on what my needs are. He's never in the crate for more than 4 - 6 hours a day. I am able to utilize the crate on a regular basis. But, how long can I crate him for on a daily basis total hours? A lot is not getting done, and I need to get caught up with property and barn chores.

Also, I'd like to be able to have him in other rooms so I can start getting things done during the day and so I am not obligated to be in the one large living area all day long with him.
How do I acclimate him to the other rooms? He knows the door to go "out" and pee/poop, and has run to it to "ask" to go out. With the other rooms in the house, should I just carry him to the door every half hour or so? Do I need to be concerned that the housebreaking starts over in new rooms?

Right now I have a loose schedule sort of going, adjusting it a little day by day. I don't want to feel like I'm on a slippery slope. Things seem to be going okay, but I'm waiting for it all to fall apart.

Thanks for all your input and help. The first couple/few days I was quite overwhelmed, and questioning why and what I did bringing home a pup. We are now crazy about him, and can't imagine life without him. But, I realize we are needing to put a new routine in place, and doing my best to work that out, with help!
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At 10 weeks old, while he may have the concept of potty training down, I would not consider him housetrained. Puppies tend to be like toddlers, they may understand where they are supposed to potty, but they will get busy playing and not realize they have to go until it's to late. Keep up the supervision of him, and the potty schedule, do not let him have to much freedom to soon or you will have housetraining set backs.

General rule of thumb is that dogs shouldn't be crated for more then 8 hours a day, and a puppy you cannot crate for 8 hours straight since they cannot hold their pee that long. Yes you can crate them for longer then that once in a blue moon, like if you get caught in a traffic jam for 2 hours on your way home from work, but try to avoid doing so.

If you want to bring him in other rooms there are some things you can do to try and avoid potty accidents. Bring him in them only after he has pottied outside and make sure to take him out every hour or so, more often if he's been playing hard, or you give him a chew or stuffed Kong to keep him occupied. Purchase an exercise pen and get some eyehooks so you can clip it to a wall in the room you are in. Use it to keep him contained so he cannot wander off and you can keep an eye on him to make sure he's not getting into anything. Tether him to you, same principal as the exercise pen but he'll be right next to you so he's not likely to pitch a fit at being contained.

With the pens you are going to have to wait him out. Make sure he's pottied, and has been fed and watered, put in some ear plugs, put him in his pen then wait for 5 seconds of quiet. Once he's quiet start playing red light (he's making noise), green light (he's quiet). When he's quiet it's green light and you go towards the pen, as soon as he makes noise or acts up it's red light and you freeze, turn your back, and wait for 5 more seconds of quiet before it's green light again. Do that till you can let him out of the crate while he's quiet.

It's also important to build up the length of time you leave him in the pen, one start with a few minutes and work up for longer durations so that he learns that you while pitching a fit does not get him out, you are going to let him out. Just like crate training make the pen a happy place. Give him good, high value, treats in there, give him great chews in there, heavily reward him when he's being quiet in there.

I'd let him play with your other dog and not intervene unless either of them is showing calming signals or signs of aggression (having enough), such as stiffening up, hard stare, lip lifts, tongue flicks, soft growls. The puppy needs to learn boundaries and your girl will probably teach him given a chance. One thing you can do is before letting them play, play with the pup yourself so that he burns off some of the energy.
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What is a calming signal? Thanks for all the input, great advice all around!
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