Did I make a mistake?? Puppy Blues

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Did I make a mistake?? Puppy Blues

This is a discussion on Did I make a mistake?? Puppy Blues within the Puppy Help forums, part of the Dog Training and Behavior category; So this is my first thread but I saw someone else post something similar and wanted to get other's opinion My husband and I have ...

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Old 12-15-2012, 04:12 PM
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Did I make a mistake?? Puppy Blues

So this is my first thread but I saw someone else post something similar and wanted to get other's opinion

My husband and I have been married since this past June but have been together for almost 8 years. We already have a cat named Oreo and he is 6 years old already, can't believe it. For the last 3 years I have been begging my husband to get a puppy. He was always hesitant and told me no that the timing was not right. Well two weeks ago a friend of friend posted on facebook how a family they knew needed to get rid of their 7 month old pit boxer pup. Since this is the exact dog my husband wanted (and she was free which helped) my husband wanted to meet her. There is nothing wrong with her just the timing for that family was not right. Well we met her and my husband fell in love.

So we are currently doing a weekend trial to see how she is going to do with Oreo. Last night went great and the pup was actually kind of intimidated by pro which was kind of funny. This morning was also great and I even called some of my friends to tell them the good news. However this afternoon something changed. The pup chased Oreo and now Oreo is hiding out whenever he can and if he does come out of hiding the pup tries to sniff him. The only way to express how I am feeling is like depression. She really is a great dog, but I don't like the fact that Oreo can't have the run the house like he used to or sit near us like he used too because the pup won't allow it.

Has anyone else have had feelings like this before??

Thanks in advance
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Old 12-15-2012, 04:59 PM
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Welcome to the forum..
It takes time for a puppy or even a dog to get use to a new home. All kinds of neat new things. Do you have a kennel for the puppy? You can start working with her on "leave it." Make a flirt pole (toy on a string) when you see her looking like she is going to chase the cat..tell her to leave it and toss the toy and have her chase it instead. Do not stress or become depressed. Just know it will take a little time but it can all be worked out..
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Old 12-15-2012, 05:06 PM
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It will take longer than a weekend to decide whether she can get along with Oreo. First off, I'm assuming Oreo has never been around dogs, and this puppy probably hasn't either. There's no way of telling if they will get along. My parents dog and 2 cats sleep curled up together and play chase all the time. They are pretty much unseparable. Only time will tell but a weekend won't do it.
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Old 12-15-2012, 05:16 PM
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We have a nine year old cat and a 10 month old pup. They hated each other at first. Now they are cautious around each other. The pup still chases the cat at every chance but the cat is getting braver and will venture out of his spots to see what's happening. Or to see if the dog Is still here lol. We put up a baby gate so the dog is restricted to certain areas but the cat can still go where he wants to.

Introducing a new animal of any species is hard for everyone. Give time for the cat and extra treats for both when interacting with each other. Keep the dog leashed during these interactions so the cat can escape and praise and treat pup when she doesn't chase the cat. Given time they likely will be bff's
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Old 12-15-2012, 05:25 PM
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My dogs consider the cats as "animated toys". There is much chasing, sniffing, and playing. They have all reached quite a good happy state together, but it took about a year. We have a couple threads around here somewhere on people helping cats and dogs to get along.

Understand that both Oreo and the pup, are acting in a completely normal and expected manner. I would not expect anything different from a 7 month active pup, and the cat being skittish right now if he's not used to dogs is also completely normal. Its likely the two of them would get used to each other over time, but not guaranteed of course.
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Old 12-15-2012, 06:24 PM
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Thanks everyone. I think I just went into minor panic/ protective mother mode.....she really is a great dog....I just need to get used to the fact that Oreo won't be the only pet anymore and they need sometime to get used to each other
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Old 12-15-2012, 07:08 PM
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EVERYONE feels that way, trust me! When new animals come into our lives it's normal to feel overwhelmed. You have this new creature running around your house to take care of, the "old" one is stressed by it. You guys don't have a routine down yet and whatnot. It's also normal to feel bad for your other pet.

It takes time. I was super overwhelmed (had a serious PANIC attack) when I got my new rescue dog. She came into the house growling and freaking out about cats. It's taken two months and things have settled down a lot. She does chase the cats still, but they also chase her. Two out of three of my cats tell the dog off when she gets to be too much, my third cat I just have to monitor their interactions carefully. My third cat is just asking for trouble. She acts like prey, and when she's not acting like prey, she bats at their tails and meows loudly when they are trying to sleep. Everything about her screams CHASE ME! I am actually more frustrated with the cat than the new dog because Pandora is being the "naughty" one and she does things on purpose to get the new dog riled up.

I would tether the puppy to something heavy for now or in a crate (especially if you can't fully supervise) or you can keep the puppy on a drag line. Try not allow too much chasing of the cat right now. What I found that really helps with my dog, we made a "flirt pole" it's like a big cat toy. When she's feeling like chasing the cats we re-direct her on the toy and she loves it.

Make sure that the cat has places where he can escape if the puppy does chase. We have lots of cat trees, tunnels and hiding spots. Also, you might want to think about getting a DAP defuser for the main room that the cat spends the most time in.
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Old 12-15-2012, 07:19 PM
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Lucky, a female spayed dog, was the only pet we had for quite a while. She knew the word cat, and just saying it out loud would send her barking like mad to the window, trying to see the "cat"! When she was about 4 yrs old we found a kitten on the road. A very small kitten, that should not have been out on her own. We ended up giving her a home here with us, and introduced the two telling Lucky that this orange fluffy thing is a mouse. A mouse named "Tiger", lol!

I hope things will work out for you as well, I'm sure with lots of positive conditioning that your chances are quite good!
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I have a 16 year old outside cat and a 6&1/2 month old siberian husky. Every time the cat gets inside, she goes nuts and yowls at him. I've tried working with her, but she just gets so worked up and excited because she wants to jump all over him and play with him. She gets the same way about small puppies.
I went to put the cat out the other day after Juno was put outside, and that stupid cat grabbed me by the face with his claws and bit me.
Should have just let Juno flatten him.
But you seem like you like your cat.. lol
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Ditto on the rec for giving your cat escape methods. Organize furniture so that she can climb on top of chests, shelves, armoires, desks, cabinets, etc. You could even build sturdy wall shelves like a cat walk for her to get around. And of course, cat trees.

Definitely utilize gates when you can't supervise interaction. You may just want to set your cat up all comfy in a room while the dog gets settled in and used to interacting nicely with the cat--it's only temporary and your cat would be fine. You and your SO can take turns spending time in that room.

Things to work on: "look," "leave it," "here," "stay," will all help redirect your dog. Ditto on the suggestion to play a game/flirt pole/some really great treat when he is redirected. And lots of calm praise and treats to pup when she is behaving nicely around the cat.

As far as the cat goes, really work on encouraging him to be calm/confident around the dog. Your dog probably has prey drive--if the cat flees, it will be auto-Chase until training is solid. The elevated furniture walks/escapes will help with the confidence since your cat will feel like it can get away when needed.

Lastly, a tag line on your dog will probably be helpful. You can step on it when needed or just have her with you at all times....

Oh yes, and welcome. You'll find a lot of great articles here in the training and behavior sections. Be sure to read the stickies pinned at the top of those sections!
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