I want to own a baby tiger.

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I want to own a baby tiger.

This is a discussion on I want to own a baby tiger. within the Other Pets forums, part of the Other Pets and Animals category; Hello Dog Lovers!! Can I own a tiger cub? I know it'll be huge in the cost of buying and growing him up. I want ...

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Old 01-27-2018, 03:26 AM
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I want to own a baby tiger.

Hello Dog Lovers!!

Can I own a tiger cub? I know it'll be huge in the cost of buying and growing him up.
I want to know is it possible to pet a tiger?
I have watched Life of Pie, where his father told him that Tigers are not friendly. lol. that's what scares me. But I love tigers.
Any suggestions? please.

P.S - I don't know if it's legal in the US or not. So, forgive me if I wrote something violent.
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Old 01-27-2018, 03:52 AM
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Exclamation Give me one valid reason to *want* a pet tiger. // I've got dozens on the other side.


in some parts of the U-S, yes, it's legal.
Hopefully, not where U live.

there are many reasons that keeping a tiger is a Helluva Bad Idea.

in the wild, these cats are extremely endangered - & the cats in PET homes are not 'wild quality'.
in captivity, it's practically impossible for a pet-home to provide adequately for the cat's needs, AND for safety.
Unless of course U're independently wealthy, in the multimillionaire range, & own acreage... in which case, i'd strongly encourage U to use Ur wealth to support WILD tigers, not to pay the bills for a personal 'pet' tiger, existing in a fenced pen.

Right now - as we speak - there are more CAPTIVE tigers in pet-homes in the state of Texas alone, then there are WILD tigers in the entire world.
That's a truly pitiable statistic.

Between Jan-1990 & March-2013 in the USA, there were 22 human deaths & approx 500 injuries from pet-tigers.

Many of these big cats - not only tigers, but lions, cougar, ligers / tions - spend their entire lives on concrete, in lavatory cages; zero enrichment. Bars around them, & concrete beneath them; a very impoverished existence, compared to a life in the wild, with game to hunt, room to roam, a territory to patrol & protect, mates, cubs, rivals, & all the rest that makes up a wild life.

As cubs, they often live in the owner's house - but as they get larger, & puberty approaches, the cuddly needy infant is gone, & a large, powerful, teenaged predator takes their place.
Then they're almost-invariably shoved into a cage in the backyard - or sold to a roadside zoo, or rehomed to another "collector", or the owner begs a "sanctuary" to take in their no-longer-wanted cat, often after someone gets hurt - or badly frightened.


"Conservationists estimate that about 3,200 wild tigers remain around the world, with some 5,000 tigers in captivity in the U.S., according to the World Wildlife Fund. Even that number is probably low, says Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue, an animal sanctuary in Tampa, Florida, because reporting is 'based on the honor system, & were dealing with a lot of people that are really dishonorable.'
Edward J. Grace, deputy assistant director for law enforcement of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, estimates that the nation is home to more than 10,000 captive tigers. Only about 350 of those, says the World Wildlife Fund, are held in facilities accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

For the thousands of tigers in private hands, from those in big-top circuses and roadside attractions to others in backyard dens, the regulations are inconsistent at best. Six states place no restrictions on owning a tiger; 14 require a permit; & 30 states prohibit ownership, though in some of those states, people have been known to flout the law, as in the famous case of the man who kept a tiger in his apartment in Harlem."

The U-S & other nations have loudly condemned China's captive wildlife industries [tiger farms for skins & 'medicine', bear farms for gall-bladder, etc], but we can hardly pretend to be innocent, with captive wildlife all over the USA, often in horrific conditions.

In 2013, the bipartisan Big Cats & Public Safety Protection Act was introduced, which would formally restrict tiger ownership to facilities accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. (A grandfather clause would allow unaccredited owners to keep their tigers - as long as they register with the USDA.)
The bill is still languishing, now in a subcommittee. // Some tiger owners & businesses feel it's overly restrictive, but advocates point out that it will help close the gap between what we say about the treatment of captive tigers, & what were actually willing to do about it.

- terry

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Tigers are lovely but they are WILD animals. I was priveleged to meet and play with some cubs a few years ago, and I would love to own one or six. But regardless of legalities and how safe they are, in captivity they can never be happy, it is WRONG! Please don't do it, it's just not fair on them

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Arrow I recommend the book. // Hollywood pretties things up.

Originally Posted by RonMPeck View Post

I have watched [the movie] Life of [Pi], ...[the main character's] father told him that Tigers are not friendly.

Maybe rather than the movie, U might read the book?

Being trapped on a small life-raft with a hungry predator isn't a fun time - nor is near-death by dehydration, eating raw fish to survive, or trying to catch a bird with one's hands to rip it apart & eat it.
The story of being trapped on a raft with a tiger is fiction - dying of thirst or starving on a raft, adrift on the ocean, is factual.

- terry

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I read the OP, and smiled that old age, partronising, of course you cant silly.

OMG, you can own a tiger in america? Holy cow.
Glad i dont live there.

For fun: watch, youtube, Christian the lion - the reunion. Read the book, it gives a glimpse into a world, where 2 guys thought they could.

Were i there, (USA), id be getting me a grey wolf pack! You can keep your tiger.
now i shall go read all those lovely links in answers, with my morning coffee, on the deck. With 2 knackered dogs, from this mornings walk at my feet.
They are not wolves, or tigers, but they both have their chins on each of my feet. Life is sweet, even without tigers.
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Old 01-28-2018, 09:39 AM
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There are some parts of America where you can own anything you want because God forbid the government takes away your God given rights as an American.

Sadly a lot of people who own dangerous wild animals like lions, tiger, bears, and chimpanzees often end up getting mauled once their cute baby animal reaches adolescence and the animal gets euthanized for the person's stupidity or they struggle to find an already crowded sanctuary to dump the animal at.
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Be prepared for the tiger to eventually go tiger
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Arrow A round-up of fatal attacks & maulings

Originally Posted by revolutionrocknroll View Post

Sadly a lot of people who own dangerous wild animals - like lions, tigers, bears, and chimpanzees - often end up getting mauled, once their cute baby animal reaches adolescence, & the animal gets euthanized for the person's stupidity... or [the owner] struggles to find an already crowded sanctuary, where they can dump their animal.

yes - many of these stories start out happy & fun, & end in disaster for the owner, & death for the animal.

Some random samples of the biggest headlines:

Victim of Chimp Attack Shows Destroyed Face on Oprah - ABC News
Nov 11, 2009 -
Woman whose face was destroyed in chimpanzee attack shows her face on Oprah.

Travis (chimpanzee) - Wikipedia
Travis (October 21, 1995 – February 16, 2009) was a male common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) who posthumously gained infamy after he attacked and nearly killed a woman in North Stamford, Connecticut. In February 2009, Travis and his owner Sandra Herold gained international notoriety after he suddenly attacked ...

Chimpanzee Attack Victim Who Got Face Transplant Is Hospitalized ...
May 5, 2016 -
A woman who underwent a full-face transplant in 2011, after she was mauled by a chimpanzee, was back in the hospital on Wednesday, after her body began to reject the transplanted tissue in her face, doctors said. Charla Nash, 62, was participating in a research study designed to determine whether tissue ...


Along with biting off her nose and lips & blinding both her eyes, Travis severely damaged both her hands - leaving her unable to care for herself for life.

TIGERS & LIONS plus other exotics - Ohio

Ohio reserve owner Terry Thompson released exotic animals then committed suicide / shot himself
Oct 21, 2011 -
The ones that got away: Sad survivors of exotic animal bloodbath after 'time bomb' private zoo owner opened the cages and shot himself ... Sheriff's deputies shot nearly 50 wild animals - including 18 rare Bengal tigers and 17 lions - in a big-game hunt across the countryside on Wednesday after Mr ...


fatal attacks by big cats in the USA:

Nov 9 2013 - Sherwood, OR:
Renee Radziwon-Chapman, a 35-YO woman, died after she was bitten by a cougar at WildCat Haven. She was alone at the facility at the time. N
ews reports stated that fire crews had a difficult time reaching her because several cats were loose within the enclosure where she was found dead
Renee was survived by her husband, Aaron, a former worker at the facility, & their 5-MO daughter, Noa Elise.
WildCat Haven is the lifetime home for more than 60 neglected, abandoned, & formerly-abused captive-born wildcats.
The victim expressed concerns about her safety prior to that day.

March 6, 2013 - Fresno, CA:
A 24-YO intern, Dianna Hanson, was killed while inside the cage of a 4-YO male lion named Cous-cous.
A lock out cage used to separate the animals from the main enclosure was accidentally left open; the director stated that the lion likely broke her neck in his excitement, greeting her.
Anderson said, "When you say attacked, it sounds gruesome, but it seems like he just knocked her down & broke her neck."

October 29, 2008 Broken Arrow, OK:
A liger named Rocky may be killed for mauling to death a volunteer named Peter Getz, who walked in the cage while feeding the cat a deer carcass. More than 40 pre schoolers were present for the mauling, & were ushered away.

December 25, 2007 - San Francisco, CA:
A Siberian tigress, Tatiana, escaped from the tiger pit at the San Francisco zoo, killed 17-YO Carlos Sousa, & mauled two other young men before police arrived on the scene, & fatally shot the animal.

* This animal severely mauled a zookeeper in 2005 -
however, TWO of the three victims, the 2 brothers who survived, were both drunk AND high on marijuana, at the time; they'd been heard & seen to shout at & stone the tigress for a quarter-hour or so.
When she could not escape being hit by the stones, the harassment provoked her to leap more than 15-ft to escape the enclosure, & pursue them. The man who died was their friend, who tried to save them from Tatiana's wrath, & died needlessly (all 3 were Muslim, & drinking alcohol or using intoxicants is forbidden by their faith).
The brothers were overheard discussing how they wouldn't mention the stones & sticks they threw, nor the liquor they drank, nor the weed they used. They didn't discuss their dead friend - nor did they seem to mourn him much. They were entirely concerned with how much trouble they'd be in with their father.

February 24, 2007 - Denver, CO:
A 27-YO Denver zoo keeper, Ashlee Pfaff, who worked at the zoo for a year, was mauled to death by a 6-YO, 140 lb jaguar named Jorge as she worked inside the animal’s cage.
It is unclear why the keeper entered the enclosure while the jaguar was in it.

April 6, 2006 Duxbury (15 Mi. E. of Sandstone) MN:
Cindi Gamble was mauled by one of her tigers at the USDA-inspected "Center for Endangered Cats" (a licensed exotic-pet owner, not a public zoo, nor accredited) that she co owned with Craig Wagner.
The tiger in this incident was underweight & poorly cared for. The reported care of the animals suggests extreme irresponsibility.

August 18, 2005 Mound Valley, KS: (AP) –
A Siberian tiger attacked and killed a teenage girl, Haley R. Hilderbrand, who was posing for photos at a family-run animal facility (exotic pet business) called "Lost Creek Animal Sanctuary".

February 13, 2004 -- Elizabethtown, IL (AP) -
A 52 year old Hardin Co. man, Allison Brent Abell, who kept exotic animals, was apparently attacked & killed on Thursday by a pet African lion, authorities said. During the autopsy, the coroner found he'd suffered numerous puncture wounds & a broken neck.
The lion was discovered running loose on the property, & was shot and killed by police.

December 14,2003 - Millers Creek, NC:
Ruth Bynum’s 400-pound Bengal tiger fatally mauled her 10-YO nephew, Clayton James Eller, after pulling him under a fence & into his cage. The cat was kept behind the family’s home in a cage that allowed the family dog to run in & out, under the chain-link fencing.
The boy, Clayton James Eller, was shoveling snow on Sunday afternoon near the tiger’s cage. The boy’s uncle, James Marshall Eller, heard Clayton scream & saw the tiger drag the boy into the cage. Eller tried in vain to get the tiger off the boy, then ran & got his gun, shot & killed the tiger. It was too late to save the boy.
The boy’s mother, Angela Eller, had left him in her sister's care while she went to work; Ruth Bynum, her sister, was the tiger’s owner; James Eller is the brother of both women.

April 2, 2003 Adair, OK:
Several tigers belonging to the International Wildlife Center of Texas who were boarded at "Safari Joe’s Rock Creek Exotic Animal Park" attacked & killed a handler.
One tiger grabbed her arm & pulled her into the cage as she was giving them water, & other tigers in the cage then pounced on her. A second keeper tried to help, but things got worse. 'The first one grabbed her and the rest of them joined in', said Mayes Co. Deputy, Charles McGuire. 'The other girl who was there grabbed a shovel, & beat the tigers to get them away from her -- that’s when they removed the deceased’s left arm.'
Bracket was brought to Tulsa for treatment, but she died.
The victim was not in the cage, but died from loss of blood.

March 31, 2003 Hennepin, IL:
As Wm Olsen entered their pen to shift them to another enclosure, he was mauled to death by two tigers he kept in a backyard menagerie. Police shot and killed both tigers in order to retrieve the body.
This was the second incident at the Second Nature Exotic Cats Sanctuary (see May 26, 2002 / Hennepin, Ill.).

October 10, 2001 Lee County, TX:
A 3-year-old boy was killed by one of three of a relative’s (Kerry Quinney) 'pet' tigers as he was about to have his picture taken with the animals. The 250-pound tiger snatched the boy from the arms of an adult, clamped down on his leg, & dragged him around the enclosure, causing head injuries.

July 31, 2001 - Center Hill, FL:
A 500-pound tiger mauled & killed Vincent Lowe, who was making cage repairs at a roadside zoo called Savage Kingdom. The man suffered a fatal bite to his neck, & severe injuries to his head, arm, and ribs.

March 25, 2001 Las Vegas, NV:
A tiger with Safari Wildlife attacked and killed his handler, Eric Bloom. The tiger put his paw on the man’s back, pushed him down, & bit his throat. The handler died within minutes from loss of blood. The tiger was used for photo ops, motion pictures, & advertisements.
Another handler was hospitalized with injuries to his knees and puncture wounds.

June 7, 1999 Yorktown, TX:
A 9-YO girl was killed when her stepfather’s 'pet' tiger grabbed her by the neck & dragged her into a water trough.
Lauren Casey Villafana entered the cage as her stepfather, Bobby Hranicky, groomed one of his pet tigers. She went to pet a female lion when she was attacked & killed by the male.

November 13, 1998 -- Newberry, FL:
The same tiger who killed his trainer on 10/8/98 attacked and killed his owner, Doris Guay. The tiger was then shot dead.

October 8, 1998 Newberry, FL:
A tiger attacked and killed his trainer, Joy Holiday AKA Joy Guay, at the Holiday’s Cat Dancer facility. The tiger had been used in the operation’s traveling animal show and featured in Shrine circuses.

May 7, 1997 Carrollton, PA:
A tiger used in the Franzen Bros. Circus killed a trainer Wayne Franzen in front of 200 horrified schoolchildren.

April 29, 1997
Oklahoma City, OK:
A leopard who'd escaped from his cage killed a woman Eunice Esquivel at an exotic animal 'sanctuary'. Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed the leopard seven hours later, when he was found along a road nearly a half-mile from Oak Hill Center for Rare & Endangered Species.
Eunice Esquivel, 52, was killed by the escaped leopard. She was visiting her son, who worked there, & had gone to feed the animals, which she reportedly had done before.

October 29, 1995 Allegan, MI:
While her 9-year-old daughter watched in horror, a woman was attacked and killed by a “pet” lion after she entered his cage at the home of a friend who collected exotic animals. The friend was severely injured when he tried to stop the attack.
Diana Renner (30) was mauled by Clem Dubose's privately owned lion when she inexplicably stepped into the cage while Dubose and a neighbor were renovating the enclosure. The reports suggest she was inexperienced with the animal as she was described as 'scared', causing the lion to react and attack.

March 5, 1995 - Washington, DC:
A woman with mental issues was fatally mauled by lions, after climbing into their enclosure at the National Zoo. The body was so battered & shredded so violently that her fingerprints were gone, & her face was unrecognizable.
She dropped over a 9-ft wall into the enclosure, & swam a 26-ft moat to get to the animals.

June 7, 1994 Miami, FL:
A senior zookeeper with 20 years’ experience was mauled and killed by a tiger at Miami Metro zoo.

TORCH, Ohio October 22, 1992 -
A 'liger' [lion / tiger hybrid] dragged a keeper into the cage at a safari park & killed him. Everett Cremeans, 45, had removed a bar that held the cage gate in place, & was using it to prod the animal to move, when he was mauled on Tuesday.


Hopefully this gives U some idea of the potential lethality of dangerous wild animals in captivity - even with professionals, let alone "pet owning" citizens.

- terry

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Is this for real?....... Well I want one of those dragons from game of thrones. Rush hour traffic hah!
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