Puppy Blues- Seeking a friend to vent to!

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Puppy Blues- Seeking a friend to vent to!

This is a discussion on Puppy Blues- Seeking a friend to vent to! within the New Additions forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; So, I am definitely experiencing the puppy blues- a week after bringing home our golden retriever puppy. His name is Finnegan and he is 9 ...

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Puppy Blues- Seeking a friend to vent to!

So, I am definitely experiencing the puppy blues- a week after bringing home our golden retriever puppy. His name is Finnegan and he is 9 weeks old on Tuesday.

We are crate training and he still doesn't really accept it. He will have little temper tantrums when he goes in (they went from lasting well over an hour to now he will calm down within 10 minutes). We don't give into the whining and only let him out once he's quiet.

We follow a crate routine to help with potty training and he has multiple breaks throughout the day to pee, play, sleep, explore, eat, crate, repeat. We positively praise him whenever we bring him outside to pee/poop. It's only a week in, so I know I cant expect him to be fully trained yet- but I'm feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the change in routine and lifestyle.
He's a good boy and has a nice temperament, but I cant help but just feel annoyed, overwhelmed, frustrated and just overly emotional from this whole process.

Ive read lots about these feelings are normal and that it does get easier- but I'm just feeling like I can't do this!
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I think we all go through that with a new puppy, especially our first or, if we haven't had a puppy in a while.

I know I need a Puppy Break now and then to get through the crate and house training phase.

First, are you giving Finnegan a special little treat when he gets in his crate? Some small goodie that he only gets for getting in. That helps, in fact I have yet to have a puppy go more than two weeks before "Get In" sends them racing to get in the crate and dancing excitedly in there, waiting for the treat. The other trick is not to crate them longer than one hour per month of age so, at 9 weeks that's 2 hours and fifteen minutes MAX, day or night.

I know that means waking up to let them out to potty but, it makes for a happy puppy that learns the crate is not prison, it's a special place to rest and, get goodies for getting in.

Second, do you have a friend or family member that can puppy sit for 3-4 hours once or twice a week so that you can get out or, even stay home and, take a break form the puppy? That helps a lot.

If not, even shutting the puppy in the bathroom with you and, taking a nice relaxing bath and, not caring if the puppy makes a mess in there helps to de-stress you and, serves as a mini puppy break.

Now me, I don't care what puppy thinks, the first hour in the morning is mine- puppy goes outside, in her play yard (safe for puppy, no other dog has been there, she can't get out and, nothing can get in.) As all of mine have learned, Kaila now knows the drill and when I let her out in the morning, she goes right to the door and waits for me to open the door, then the patio gate to let her into her play yard. I go in, make my coffee and get my bagel or muffing then, go sit on the patio near her play yard. She will potty, then run to me to get her "went potty" treat, I hand it to her through the fence. She gets what she needs and, some time to run and play and, I get to relax and wake up as I prefer to do.

My adults just get up and go out the dog door into their run, Kaila doesn't have access to the dog door and, big run yet - I feed them out there and, she isn't ready for whole animal raw yet nor ready to find her place among them at meal time.

They do play together and, train/practice together inside but, she can't eat with them yet. She gets a raw prey model diet too but, hers is softer bones and smaller pieces - the boys get whole animals or, large hunks of animals, depending on what is on the menu for the day.

Hey, just be glad Finnegan isn't a wolfdog - you think he's a handful, try an instinctively wary critter that will chew ANYTHING and, hide while chewing it. 10 minutes unsupervised and, Kaila would give House Broken a whole new meaning. A door, wall, bed, sofa, chair, table, appliance and, or floors and rugs are subject to be chewed and clawed. At 13 weeks old, she's capable of chewing a 2x4 to sawdust in about two hours, her adult pack mates do that in about 15 minutes LOL.

Yes, those three managed to demolish a garden bench made of 2x4s when I forgot to remove it and left them outside for an hour. I remembered, went to save the bench, found only the metal frame and, a few large chucks of what used to be the back and seat with a minefield of small wood chips scattered about. At least it was just the bench, not the dining table in the house LOL.
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