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  • Kmariesky ·
    By correcting, I mean I've tried everything from telling her its wrong, that things are okay to picking her up and holding her until she stops growling. I've let her have her way and left her alone but then am confused that I'm letting her dictate the rules of this relationship (or more appropriately "who's the boss here." She insists on being next to me but I may casually extend my arm (not meaning to touch her at all) and she starts growling or may snap. She understands "no bite."

    I feel that because she does this I have failed in providing her a safe and comfortable home. I've never hit her and she's been with me long enough to know I wouldn't hurt her. She comes to me when afraid and unsure and I comfort her.

    I do respect her growl but is this really all I can do. I made the video to show as an example.You can see her nose twitch even before I touch her. Any advice?

    Forum wont let me post link to you tube video this is it though https:// /JtiGKPx-42A
    Timbeaudin ·
    He is eight yrs old. 50/50 Datsun/Yorkshire. Two days ago he started acting really weak. Wonk make any noise, he is usually a barker. No energy
    Timbeaudin ·
    I'm new to this forum stuff. Not sure about how it all works. Looking for some possible insight as to what may be wrong with my dog. Can someone plz help?
    Rain ·
    Thanks! I'm always glad to help if I have some experience with an issue, hopefully I can spare someone some of the mistakes I've made LOL
    TrampolineBoxer ·
    Thank you for all the helpful information you've helped supply, you really are one of the most ideal people to consult on when encountering difficult problems
    dannyboy ·
    Thanks for the response. While he just started to act like a mule outside, due to the blindness, I guess, he never played with toys inside, so it is the not walking outside that is a concern. He is always on a leash and will pass on your tip about having him smell a treat to get going.
    BusterBCsMum ·
    Was just lying in bed and you posted about feeding Zody his midnight kibble and reminded me I hadn't gave Buster his! Thanks for reminding me!
    rshubin22 ·
    Hi! I just wanted to say I really do appreciate the advice and tips you are giving me for Riley. It definitely helps! :)
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