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  • natenqen ·
    There are 6 levels of fatness.
    6. Big
    5. Healthy
    4. Husky
    2. Damn!
    1. Oh Hell No!!!! (Still willing to work with Damn! in an elevator. The last one, you see coming toward your elevator and you say OH HELL NO!!!)
    Esme ·
    I thought that might be one of the reasons but I just found it interesting so I had to ask.
    natenqen ·
    No I have no family or are not from Mexico. I am born in Alaska, half eskimo native. I'm a big fan of the Miss Universe pageant and my top two choices are always miss USA of course and Miss Albania. But even though they don't win, I am still respectful of those who do win.
    Esme ·
    I just have to ask, why the signature that you have? Are you from Mexico or have family that is from there? It just strikes me as very different .
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