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  • TiggerBounce ·
    Oh the benefits of professional photography with a high shutter speed camera haha. I have been thinking of getting a go-pro. Do you know if that would work for a BC? I'm thinking it would be cool to mount it to the flyball box.
    harleyboysmom ·
    Hey there Sal, in one of your threads you mentioned 100 things done with a box, I've been looking for the link, can you send it to me please?
    FailedSlacker ·
    I'm sorry for your fish passing.

    The water in there now shoudl be fine to cycle, though I don't know if there is enough ammonia going into the system to get it started. An Ammonia test kit would tell you how much. Ideallly you'd want between 1ppm and 4ppm - any higher and the bacteria have trouble breeding.

    If you want to be sure that there is enough ammonia in, you can put some raw shrimp in a stocking and let it rot - not the most pleasant but it works. Alternatively you can add pure ammonia (the cheap unscented stuff at hardware stores), though with that you probably want a test kit to make sure you don't have too much. For my 15 gal that I cycled, I used 1/4tsp of the pure ammonia daily once the nitrites started showing up to give you an idea of how much you need.
    DeeSpark ·
    hey sorry I only just read your quote to me about the fish. Yes I now know it was a cycling issue. I no longer have any fish, but now I know what to do before getting my next fish. Thank you heaps for the info! Just wondering though, my tank has water in it, that 4 fish have died in. I got rid of all the fish as they passed, but do you think the water in there now would be ok to cycle? Or should I replace the water and start over?
    Cassy ·
    I'm sorry that i got you upset about the raw meat, if you like to give it to your dogs, then it's okay you know your dogs! Anyway, i'm sorry.

    FailedSlacker ·
    No I didn't go. I didn't actually realise it was this weekend until Tesla and I walked past the Hungarian pavillion on our way to Rally-O.
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