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  • samandcodie ·
    Hi Amanda,
    I adopted Codie about 7 yrs ago - he was 3. He is actually a Bichon/Maltese mix... I am not sure if his improvements are due to age (allergies apparently lessen when pups get older), or from 2 major changes I made.

    The first change: I changed his diet to Blue Buffalo Wilderness (Pink Bag) dry food, and I do mix it with a little bit of Pedigree wet food. Second change: I bath him regularly, about 1x per week now, with Ketochlor. He was chewing on himself so much that he ended up getting unbearably stinky - he had a yeast infection on his skin, and the Ketochlor sootthes his skin and battles the yeast.

    Codie is also outrageously allergic to fleas. The difficult part of dealing with fleas is that topical flea preventative causes him to be distressed, breathing heavy, I have to use Program (pill form). In order for Program to work, the flea must bite the dog.... it is a viscious circle.

    Let me know how things go for you

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