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  • JulieP ·
    I have an aggression issue with one of my dogs that I would like to get feed back on but cant figure out how or where to post. Thank you
    Jesse1 ·

    One of my Cavaliers needs surgery on both eyes or he will go blind so they need to move his saliva glands into his eyes. I have started a gofundme page as it is really way over what I can afford. Would it be against the rules to post it. Not asking for donations but more if people would not mind sharring it within their social media networks. Thought I would check as I like this site and don't want to get banned. Here is the link for you to appraise.
    buffysmom ·
    Hi. I don't want to play the ball game. I wanted to interact with other dog owners. I don't want to change my password. I just wanted to interact with other dog owners. I don't have permission to pose? Because I haven't posted enough? I get mixed messages.....I just wanted to interact with other dog owners.

    This is the worst "forum" I have ever been on.

    Sorry -- but I still don't want to play the stupid game. I didn't join to play games. I don't want to change my password, I like the one I have.....I guess I will quit. There has to be another dog forum which is easier to use which is out there.

    Thanks!! Take care.

    Buffy & I are gone.
    Addy ·
    I am having a really hard time trying to figure out how to post a new thread. I have a dog issue I need & would like feedback on. Please help =)
    LorenTaylor ·
    since i am not able to Send a PM to you, so i am asking my question over here.
    Kindly tell me can i promoter my website on this forum? its not a commercial website.
    Its only related to Dog Videos, some are funny dog videos and some are dog training videos.
    CritterMom ·
    Hi - I just joined the forum. I have two senior dogs, each with different health issues (congestive heart failure, addison's disease, arthritis), and am hoping to connect with others who have similar issues. I have a small company that sells belly bands and female dog diapers, which are, of course, handy to have if one has dogs with urinary issues, or foster dogs who mark, etc. I'd like to add my link and put my tag on my signature, so am asking permission to do so. Thanks! Linda (and Asa and Baxter, my old guys!)
    Igaboo ·
    Hello, I'll put a dog forum link on the side of dexy's blog for you, and i'm also working on a post for all the sites me and dexy like to visit, so i'll include dog forum on it too, what i'll also do is add a link to this sit on my facebook group for dexy and also a few other little places i like to visit x x x
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