possession aggressive 8 month border collie

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possession aggressive 8 month border collie

This is a discussion on possession aggressive 8 month border collie within the Introductions forums, part of the DogForum Community Welcome category; Early this year my family got a brown border collie. Her name is bear. bear has a lot of positive attributes, shes happy, friendly playful, ...

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Old 10-25-2014, 08:38 AM
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possession aggressive 8 month border collie

Early this year my family got a brown border collie. Her name is bear. bear has a lot of positive attributes, shes happy, friendly playful, exited, friendly to everyone she meets, gentle with small puppy and playful with big Doberman and German shepherds. but bear also has a few problems. when we went to buy bear, we initially wanted a black and white border collie, but when we got there bear ran straight up to us and wouldn't leave us alone so we just had to get her she was to cute. she did have a tiny cut on her face, and the breeders said it was from the mother, as bear would not stop trying to get milk. bear was the smallest in her litter, and even now she is only 15 kilos, she is quite muscle bound but not tall. i am a 16 year old guy, i also have an 18 year old brother and a younger and older sister. even as a tiny puppy bear was very physicle with me and my brother and loves to jump on us and wrestle with us. now comes bears issues. she started to display possession guarding with bones and stuff. i handled it all wrong as when she growled at me i would just take the bone from her mouth. this got worse, she would snap at anyone who came near her bone so she could no longer have bones. she also used to growl over her food bowl, but hand feeding stopped that and now days there can be 5 people in the room walking past her and patting her when she is eating but she will be totally fine and relaxed. once we stopped giving her bones she was about 5 months old and she was great for about 3 weeks untill one night in the dark someone went to get food and walked straight into her metal crate when she was sleeping. she got a big fright and from then on would growl when anyone came near her crate when she was sleeping. also, bear would get into a bad mood, say she fell asleep outside and someone woke her up she would growl and be unhappy but then say i played with her she would forget about it, but 2 hours later if i tried to pick her up when she is just playing she would get all aggressive and pissed. usually i can pick her up when ever i want, play with her, clean her eyes or anything and she will not care, but if she gets aggressive, one day she will act normal but then still be aggressive over something later that day. we moved her crate into the study so she wouldn't get disturbed at night, and she was fine for about a week, then she started growling some nights, and then one night, i say go to bed, she happily walks into her crate but then starts snapping and growling when i am closing the latch. she only does this at nightime tho, not when she has a nap during the day. i then one day to fix it, put her in her crate, and then talked to her and gave her treats from outside the crate, and from then on she stopped growling in her crate. one thing important with bear she is always happy but then once she gets in a bad mood she gets aggressive as i said, but also when my little sister picks her up sometimes or put her in a diffrent room, she will grunt and bear her teeth but not angrily just sort of annoyed and not aggressive, but she will never ever do that to me, never grunts or anything but then sometimes when she is angry about something like being woken up and i pick her up she will get full blown aggressive at me. now, we have also a 13 year old toy poodle, she is a female aswell, neither of them have been de-sexed. bear is always trying to paw her and play with her and the poodle will be like piss of and growl at her, but she usually just keeps on doing it anyway. but they do like eachother and bear has stopped being so playfull and overbearing with her.
. earlier tonight bear was up a bit past her bed time, and my older sister gave her and the poodle each some chicken,they ate it and then i was walking out when the dogs bam started fighting, im pretty sure bear attacked first. now i used to have to poodles and they sometimes had little tifs but they were both small and neither ever got hurt, but the poodle is 13, fragile and 4 kilos and bear is a physicle 15 kilo border collie. i was worried about bear hurting the old poodle so i jumped in and grabbed bear by the flabby skin around her neck, like the lions do to their cubs, and hauled her outside and shouted at her, she was frozen, but then i had to take her back inside to her crate, so i carried her inside and she was growling at snarling the whole way and then snapping when i closed the crate. the poodle was mostly fine exept for a small cut on he leg and she is limping a tiny bit but she is very headstrong and like i said has been in some arguments or fights before so she is fine. extra information, bear goes for walks to the beach every single day, loves humans, loves dogs, exept with dogs she walks up to them, then lies down wagging her tail and waits for them to come up to her, and then once they have sniffed each other she stands up and starts playing. she has been do puppy training, dog socializing classes every week since she was 3 months old she is normally submissive whilst playing with other dugs and puppys, though she prefers to play with the biggist labradors and german sheaperds, if you didnt see her get aggressive then u would think there was nothing wrong with her, and she had gone 2 weeks with out being aggressive over anything before today.
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Bordercol, ok, first things first. Bear is a puppy. Puppies get growly and difficult when they get tired. Remember she is still a baby. On that note, how old exactly is Bear? Teach her "go to crate" the command, so you don't have to manhandle her into her crate. https://www.dogforum.com/training-beh...ning-faq-3974/
Her crate needs to be a great place, the best place on earth.
here's a good place to start. Also read through these stickies: Puppy Help.
Now as for the Resource Guarding -That's the big word for her growling at you and attacking the poodle over food.
Management is your friend here. It is EXTREMELY important that you make very sure she doesn't get opportunities to practice the "bad" behavior. Take it from someone with 5 BC's, Two with rather severe RG issues. Also invest in Jean Donaldson's book "Mine!" I don't blame you for over reacting when she and the poodle got into it, I think most owners of RG dogs have been there at one time or another.
And welcome to Dogforum! No worries, we will help with anything and everything we can. You have come to the right place.
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