Hello! I'm Seth! I have a few questions too!

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Hello! I'm Seth! I have a few questions too!

This is a discussion on Hello! I'm Seth! I have a few questions too! within the Introductions forums, part of the DogForum Community Welcome category; Hi! I'm new looking for a little help and advice. First off though, My name is Seth and im 28 yrs old, my partner who ...

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Smile Hello! I'm Seth! I have a few questions too!

Hi! I'm new looking for a little help and advice. First off though, My name is Seth and im 28 yrs old, my partner who may also take over asking questions is Mark and we both are looking to be a new pups parents.This might be the wrong kinda area to ask but i figure those of you that are dog lovers/owners may have some insight, is a dobe/mastiff mix puppy a okay dog as a family dog? I understand training and that all dogs need it to some degree etc, i am a knowlegable owner in that area but this dog will be around children and have never dealt with this mix before, before you ask no im not a breeder nor did my dog have puppies, i have a friend whose dog had puppies shes a full doberman but the daddy is a mastiff, another question i'd like to ask is what size dog am i looking at here full grown with this mix?( though i know some of it would be a round about guesstimate). The mother has a great temperment as far as i can tell, ive looked up both breeds seperatly but i havent really gotten any feedback on when their mixed with both from anyone whose had experience with that type of mix, i just want to cover my bases before making a choice,Sorry for so many questions, but i RLY want to make sure this is a good fit before making a 10yr+ commitment,I just don't want to be one of those owners who get a dog without doing their research, i have 8yr+ kids who visit often and that would also play a factor. thanks for those of you that reply and help me out, and its a real pleasure to be here
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Hi Seth, and Mark
A mastiff/Doberman mix is bound to be a VERY big dog. Mastiffs are known for their large size (English Mastiffs are the heaviest dogs on record, from what I remember, and any breed of Mastiff is going to be a big, big dog when he/she grows up). Dobermans, though generally slimmer and less gigantic than Mastiffs, are also quite large, so the combo of the two means you will still be looking at a big dog. I had a Mastiff named Jake when I was a kid, and he was a gorgeous, gigantic boy!
Also, both Mastiff and Doberman are "guard" type dogs. Many people get them as protectors, because they are large and in-charge. However, that doesn't mean that they can't make great family dogs, especially if you are raising them from puppyhood. They might require extra training because you need to be extra sure that they will not end up aggressive (their large size makes them more dangerous if they were to lash out at someone, though they aren't necessarily going to be predisposed to aggression).
Do you have any experience with dogs? If not, this breed mix might be a bit challenging for you. However, I would recommend that you go to your local library and check out some books about positive reinforcement dog-training (most dog-training books I've come across are based on a system of positive reinforcement, where you ignore or stop bad behavior, and reward good behavoior). It helped me LOADS with my dog, and is good whatever breed you might choose.
You might also want to look for some dog breed books. Though there likely won't be any books on your specific cross (Mastiff/Dobe), there will likely be books about each individual breed, which will give you some good indication of what to expect.

Good luck!

P.S.- Another tip I learned through experience: whatever dog you bring home, give yourself a few weeks to adjust. When I first adopted a dog, I started freaking out because things didn't seem to be working right away. I thought I'd never be able to adjust to my new responsibility, and my new dog was acting crazy, hyper, unmanageable. Once I started training her and began relaxing back into my normal life with her around, she calmed down and began to learn the ways of the apartment, and now she fits in wonderfully!

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