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Smile Hello!

Hi everyone!

I came across this forum through Google trying to help figure out what our oldest dog is mixed with and came across a thread discussing ear types.

But let me introduce myself. My name is Heather. I am 28. I am a mother. I am a wife. I have been married almost eight years. We have a six-year-old, soon to be seven. Oh how time flies. And of course, we have three furbabies.

Mojito is our oldest. We adopted him off of Craigslist back in March/April 2010. I cannot remember exactly. He was born November 2nd, 2009. We have been through a lot with him. I have almost put him back up for adoption. I thought he bit my son, but we come to learn that my nieces were over here and were antagonizing him and he nipped at my son. My son has definitely learned the do's and don'ts of dog etiquette now. Mojito is also the reason we feed all of our dogs the barf diet. We have been through many different dog foods with Mojito, thinking we were trying new and better things. We used to be very unknowing of all things dog. We didn't get him on a flea treatment until we moved into our most recent house and he could be outside in a yard. He was an apartment dog before. Well after taking him to two different vets (leaving the first one because he made me feel like a HORRIBLE pet mommy), we thought he had a flea allergy. We put him on Trifexis and his skin seemed to get worse so we stopped for a few months and it never seemed to get better. We did a lot of process of elimination. We ended up putting him back on Trifexis and decided we should try his food. My Aunt had just bought a Rottweiler and he was on all raw diet. She was explaining it to me and I talked to my husband about it and we decided we would try it. It only took a few weeks of him being on this new diet before his skin on his back was no longer sensitive and he had hair growing back. The worst part on him was his neck. He had NO hair on his underneath side of his neck and it was all scabbed up. We kept a collar off of him for months as recommended by the vet and we all thought his hair would never grow back because his neck had been so nasty for so long. Well we have been feeding all three of our dogs this way for six months now and his hair has grown back in on his neck and there is no more scabs. It makes me so happy! He is our baby again. He used to never cuddle with us and I am guessing it was because his skin was so agitated. He never liked being pet. Now he is one of the most loving dogs you could meet (as long as you meet him outside of our house -- we are still working on this part)! He also hates water. We are trying to figure out what he is, and my husband is thinking about doing a dna test for him. We always tell everything a Greyhound mix because that is what most people think of when they see him. He also has that running instinct... he can RUN!

Cooper is our middle dog. He is also known as dummy, stupid, jealous puppy, and anything else that comes out of our mouths in the heat of the moment! I got him because I figured Mojito would like a friend. I was working full-time and my husband is in school full-time so Mojito was home alone a lot. Cooper is a Lab mix. I brought him home and he immediately became a cuddle bug. I don't think we introduced him into our household correctly because ever since we brought him home, our oldest started to become super aggressive towards anyone who walked into our house. That is a post for another time though. As Cooper grew, my mom pointed out that he looked like a Pit Bull, so we are guessing he is a Lab/Pit mix. He definitely has the love for water like a Lab and the goofiness of a Pit Bull. He is the MOST jealous dog I have EVER met. He cannot let you love on another dog. He has to be the one getting love. If your hand is just hanging, he will come and put his head up underneath your hand. We have taken him to the beach and to a lake... he loved both. He is so smart, but can be such a dodo head. He has the hardest time sitting still while waiting for his dinner to get prepped. We still have a problem with him having accidents in the house, but I am still unsure if they are accidents or him marking territory. He marks EVERYWHERE outside, I have only noticed this most recently (like within the past week recently). I am assuming we are having dominance issues with the three dogs.

And talking about threes, our last dog is Sophia! She is a Great Dane. My friend acquired two Great Danes through friends and they just happened to both be unaltered and around one to two years old. Well the first heat cycle she had, she was impregnated. She ended up with thirteen puppies and I fell in love with a spotted black and grey male they had... but her husband ended up falling in love with him as well and they kept him. Needless to say they ended up selling all but two puppies. My friend told me she talked to her husband and they said I could come over and pick one, for free. They sold the others for around $250... no papers though because they do not have papers for the parents (and the father dog was put down about a week after he got her pregnant -- another story in itself). Well I went over to see her and Sophia came right up to me and sat in my lap. She was the most precious thing ever. My friend said she was definitely one of the most playful ones, which fit in with our two, already hyper, pups. I took her home two weeks later and she didn't want to leave my side. She was attached. My son fell in love with her. She does typical Great Dane things... she loves to lean... on everyone and everything. She does the weirdest thing when she lays down on the couch... she leans on the back of it and goes to sleep... leaning/laying. Mojito did not take to her too well when we brought her home. She would lean on him a lot... and he would growl towards her and then get up and walk away. He has learned since then how to put up with her and they are playmates and they bully up on Cooper. Cooper is the smallest of the pups... so he definitely gets picked on. We had the hardest time trying to get her food ratios right after we put them all on the raw diet. She ended up getting super skinny for a few weeks as we slowly upped her food for her. We ended up getting to four to five chicken leg quarters a day for her... and she is finally healthy looking. Haha. We now are having that problem with Cooper.

And now that I feel like I have rambled on long enough! I have another friend who is going to be having Husky puppies later this month and I am excited. My husband told me no more dogs after we got Sophia. He said he was done. Well I manipulated him into saying yes to one of these Husky puppies... via text by telling him if he I saved up the money myself to purchase one and if I was able to go back down to part-time work because he has found a job... if I could spend that money as I please... he said yes. Hehe. Now he has said he prefers that I wait because we need to get our puppies trained. They just need a few weeks of attention... I know I can get them trained as long as I am no longer working full-time. It is killing me. Plus I hate missing out on so much with my son. He misses us at home. He has told us that. But we just cannot afford for both of us to be in part-time work.

Okay, I am done rambling.

I have uploaded photos and added my dogs to my profile. Check them out!
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Hello and welcome Heather! It sounds like you have your hands quite full!!! There are loads of great "stickies" that may help you deal with some of the issues you are having with your dogs and I'm sure that some of the trainers/people who have experience with these types of behaviours will chime in!
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hello and welcome.
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