911 Puppy bitting A LOT

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911 Puppy bitting A LOT

This is a discussion on 911 Puppy bitting A LOT within the Introductions forums, part of the DogForum Community Welcome category; Hi all, I am new to the group. I have a 9 week old German Shepherd puppy. Her name is Jade. We have had jade ...

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Old 07-18-2014, 07:26 PM
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911 Puppy bitting A LOT

Hi all, I am new to the group. I have a 9 week old German Shepherd puppy. Her name is Jade. We have had jade for two weeks now and I am having a lot of trouble with her bitting everyones hands and ankles. Jade is my second gsd. My first gsd was NOTHING like this dog. I will be taking Jade to puppy classes at the end of the month but before that I am desperate for help. I am starting to wonder if Jade has a bad disposition. The vet said to hold her nose. I have been doing that but as soon as I release, she comes back at me. I have TONS of toys and chew bones for her and rotate them everyday or so. Jade will let you pet her without bitting sometimes. I just do not understand why she wants to bit humans like she does. I know puppies bit but I do not think like this. She is a smart dog. She has had 1 accident in the house in the last 5 days ,she knows the sit command, come and down command so I'm pretty sure she is trainable. When I need to leave the house, she is put in her crate. She cries at first but when I come home she is just sitting there. Not sure how long she cries. As far as chewing thing in the house, Jade will now and then open her mouth to the wood molding, I will just redirect her to something she can chew. I have bitter apple sparay but have not had to use it yet. I am just very concerned that this behavior is a sign of maybe an aggressive dog. Is this a sign? And can I add,she really turns into a monster around 6 pm everynight . What is that about???? I guess I would love to hear that there are some people here who have had very mouthy puppies and the pup grew up to be a great dog. is there hope? There are times when jade can be sweet.If anyone has any thoughts on this please help me.Thank you, Jade's mom
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Old 07-18-2014, 09:29 PM
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Try the bitter apple consistently for 2 weeks. Consider it part of your beauty regimen, lol. The goal is for you to always taste bad. Puppies chew on EVERYTHING and humans are no different to them than everything else they explor with their mouths. You just have to teach her that it is not desirable to chew on humans.

If she is biting hard, yelp OUCH! loudly, and remove yourself from her and ignore her for a minute. This is what her litter mates would do if she bit them too hard during play. She may have been separated from her litter mates too soon to learn good bite inhibition.
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Biting is typical, especially for a 9 week old puppy and yes it will get worse through teething. Just say no, and give her toy and if she takes the toy tell her shes a good girl. If she ignores the toy and goes for you say no again, get up and leave. Ignore her and wait till she goes and chews her toys then praise her. Every single time you see her chewing her toy tell her shes a good girl. It will take a lot of repetition and patience, and a few wounds but you will make it!

Another thing to do constantly switch her toys. Go up to her, take her toy and give her another, take the the toy and give her a treat and then give it back just so she doesnt get over protective of her toys and if she gets something she shouldnt have, taking it away from her will be much easier.

Logan gets crazy at night too, he runs around like a lunatic goes out in the backyard and barks his head off. I have no idea why but if he gets too much i just put him in his crate for some "settle down time". Sometimes ill pit him out in the backyard with one of his favourite toys and let him run it out, depending how much exercise he got that day. Theres nothing wrong with putting them in their crate for some settle down time, logan will have quite a few of those throughout the day

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She's a puppy being a puppy. Biting (even a LOT) is very normal and in no way a sign of a "bad disposition." Stop holding her nose, that doesn't teach her anything except you're bigger than her or she thinks you're playing. Try yelping or inhaling sharply (like a gasp) and standing up and taking away attention/play for a few seconds every time she bites. The goal is to show her that people don't want to play with a biting dog because it hurts. Also, if she's 9 weeks old you got her at 7 weeks and that eighth week (although some people say to wait until 10 weeks) helps a TON with puppies learning "bite inhibition" from their litter mates. So, you'll need a little extra patience to make up for her starting on the back foot.
Turning into a demon in the evenings is also normal (my puppy starts at 7) I just make that her playtime and throw a lot of toys or go on a walk.
It sounds like you have a great dog, just be patient, gentle and loving. She has sharp teeth but she is really just a baby
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