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Dogforum Community Announcements

Community announcements from the Team.
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Dogforum Community Rules

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Introduce yourself to fellow dog lovers at the Dog Forum.
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  • 1.9M Photo Contest

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Keeping and Caring for Dogs

New Additions

Have questions about your furry new family member? Just want to share about your experience? This is the forum to do it!
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Dog Grooming

Discuss dog grooming including bathing your dog, clipping your dog's nails, and more.
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Dog Health

Discuss dog health problems such as heartworm, kennel cough, arthritis, skin problems, fleas, ticks and more.
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Dog Training and Behavior

Discuss dog training and behavior, including general dog obedience, aggression, barking, biting, chewing, digging and more.
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Dog Food

Discuss dry dog food, wet dog food, dog food brands, ingredients, quality, homemade food and more.
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Dog Gear and Supplies

Discuss the dog gear, supplies and clothes you give your dogs.
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General Dog Discussion

Discuss general dog related topics that do not belong in other forums
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Dog Shows and Performance

Dog Shows

Discuss dog shows and showing your dog.
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Working Dogs

Discuss rescue dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, and other working dogs
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Dog Performance Sports

Discuss dog performance sports such as agility, Earthdog, flyball, lure-coursing, rally-o, tracking and more.
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Other Dogforum Interests

Dog Pictures and Videos

Share pictures and videos of your dogs and puppies.
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Dog Art

Share dogs paintings, drawings, sculptures and more.
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Dog News

Discuss news related to dogs, puppies, and other animal related events here.
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Dog Stories

Share stories about your dog.
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Dog Memorials

Share a tribute to a special four legged friend who passed away.
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Dog Breeds

Discuss specific dog breeds including their appearance, dispositions and other characteristics.
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Other Pets and Animals


Talk about cats.
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Share pictures and stories about your experiences with nature and wildlife.
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Other Pets

Discuss other pets.
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Vendor Deals

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The Dog Forum Community Tech Support

Use this area for questions/comments related to using our site.
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Off Topic Discussion

Discuss things other than dogs and puppies with fellow dog lovers.
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Fun and Games

Play games with your Dog Forum friends.
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Tell us what you would like to see here at the Dog Forum.
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Talk to the Team

Questions, comments, or concerns? Talk to the Dog Forum Team and help keep the Dog Forum a friendly, helpful, welcoming place! Only you and members of the team can see the threads you start in this forum.
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Off Topic Section
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