URGENT Our dog is attacking our new puppy re-homing not an option

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URGENT Our dog is attacking our new puppy re-homing not an option

This is a discussion on URGENT Our dog is attacking our new puppy re-homing not an option within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Sorry this is a long read!! For a bit of back story, we have a rescued neutered Chihuahua\Jack Russell mix, Pippin. He's only 20 pounds ...

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URGENT Our dog is attacking our new puppy re-homing not an option

Sorry this is a long read!! For a bit of back story, we have a rescued neutered Chihuahua\Jack Russell mix, Pippin. He's only 20 pounds but he has a lot of muscle. He has an extremely dominant personality and hates strangers and kids with a burning passion. HE WILL BITE. We adopted him when he was around four months old he had been returned before for being "too energetic". At first, he was wary of anyone but me, but after I had to go back to school, he took up with my mom and opened up to the rest of the family. He is now really sweet when it comes to the family and would absolutely throw himself in danger if we were threatened. But when we first adopted him, he was so afraid of strangers he would poop all over. My father is now retired military, but at the time he was still enlisted so we got him while living in Washington State, but we were relocated to Texas. We drove, and stopped in with my aunt for a few weeks. THIS IS WHERE WE LEARNED HE WAS KID AGGRESSIVE. Not just kid aggressive but just aggressive in general toward strangers.He ran at my cousin's son (3) and bit my other cousin (5) on the finger. It was barely a nip as a warning. After the biting incident we absolutely kept him separated from the kids at all costs. Now, fast forward to texas, Pippin was around two when we decided we needed another dog for him to play with. He had been friendly with multiple dogs and never seemed to have a problem. Mom wanted a smaller dog around his size but we ended up bringing home a 1-1.5 year old Belgian Malinois mix, Riplee. She quickly learned her place below him and is a very go-with-the-flow kind of personality, she just melts into your arms. No problems there. From Texas, dad retired and we finally are settled in Missouri. We have been here for six months now and everyone has settled and calmed down. We got chickens and our dogs had gotten over excited and into their very first fight ever. THIS IS WHERE WE LEARNED THAT PIPPIN WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING UNTIL SOMEONE ELSE IS PULLED OUT. Obviously, Riplee has 30-40 pounds on Pippin and neither of them came out unscathed. They got over the fight quickly, all was forgiven. Around two weeks ago dad was working as a 911 dispatcher and fell in love with a sweet boxer puppy that animal control brought in. This is Zeke. He is three months old and he will submit to the older dogs. At first, Pippin kept his distance as Riplee and Zeke got along splendidly. I knew Pippin was domineering and kept him back until he was a bit more calm and ensured him that we love him still. He was introduced, no problems. We had him one day before it happened. Remember when I said Pippin loves my mom a lot? Well, he can get territorial over her too. She claims this as her own mistake. Pippin as sitting on the other side of the couch with Riplee in the middle, sleeping. The problem was, she called Zeke up onto her lap and he happily approached. Not good. Pippin went flying over, grabbed him by his leg and drug him a few feet back. He would NOT let go. Not a problem with just a 20 pound dog, pull him off right? No, Riplee has decided that this puppy is HER puppy and she jumped in and grabbed Pippin by the scruff to get him off. This was terrifying because Riplee is big and could kill him if she really wanted to. Not only that but when Pippin was pulled off he bit my mom and drew blood. Zeke just laid there, stomach exposed, crying and took the beating. I did some research and read that you shouldn't separate dogs after they fight and they need to socialize afterward. We took the dogs out and were out for hours and did yard work. No problems at all. They were running side by side and nearly playing at some point. The next day, we were cleaning the house and some time in the afternoon it happens again, the got in a fight in the kitchen this time with mom in the room, but with her back turned, we didn't know what was the trigger. Everyone heard it and came running. I jumped in and wheelbarrowed Riplee back which in turn pulled Pippin off because she had a hold on him. But Pippin was out for blood and when she released him he went back for more. Mom had to kick him back to get him off and get Zeke off the ground for a bit for him to calm down. We took the dogs outside to make amends with each other and it worked, however... About 30 minutes later Zeke had a toy that went flying beside Pippin where he was laying beside mom. He wasn't mad this time because of mom, but because Zeke went crashing into him. It happens again, I wheelbarrow Riplee back but this time she has a firm hold on Pippin and he comes off after mom grabbed the hose and started spraying. I grab the puppy. But Riplee didn't let go of Pippin and is not shaking him around. She lets go after being sprayed more heavily, but she's ready for round two and gets herself sprayed again. After they've been broken up, we go over to the deck and I set Zeke down, Riplee checks him over, he's okay. However, we are extremely freaked out and I take those two inside to calm down and gate them into my room. Mom brings Pippin in a bit later and he comes to the gate and him and Riplee are pals again. Zeke approached too and was fine. But later Pippin was picked up and he helped and squealed when his ribs were touched. We think Riplee may have bruised his ribs a bit. He has become skittish around us. We are scared and have kept Zeke separated from Pippin since. Riplee acts as a go between and visits them both to play throughout the day, but another fight could hurt Pippin even worse. Rehoming Zeke is not an option at this point, not only is Riplee extremely attached but he also fits into our family extremely well (aside from Pippin). We aren't quitters and are determined to make this work. Where Pippin is supposed to be correcting Zeke and his bad manners, he is taking it way too far and attacking. This needs to stop before Zeke is big enough to fight back and kill him. With every move from place to place Pippin seems to act worse and worse. We are now living where he will live out the rest of his days. How can we help stop this? We were thinking a muzzle would help, but he is not muzzle trained and hates them anyway! He would bite is if we tried to put one in him. I'm really sure he has a neurological mood disorder that makes him have a really short fuse, but we don't know how to go about treating it. Any advice would help! Thank you.
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Really hard to read the wall of text, I may have missed some details. A different paragraph for each incident would make it easier to read.

I would look into a professional vet. behaviorist or experienced science based trainer (who practices LIMA, force free, positive training philosophies). You have a LOT going on with your pack dynamics and it seems like Pippin has a lot of issues going on himself- everything from fear aggression towards people, resource guarding behavior, dog aggression, and a typical terrier temperament which isn't necessarily a bad thing in normal situations but yes, they generally won't back down from fights, and prey drive may be playing a part in the attacks as well. Right now it sounds like your mom is the common denominator in the fights, and there's probably resource guarding going on there. Does she live with you, or just visit often? I would expect a dog that resource guards one thing to potentially guard another like toys, food, or his space. Also, as they fight more and more, they will form negative associations with each other and that will contribute to future fights as well.

I think you need to get a professional involved, be prepared to keep the dogs physically separated, or rehome one to prevent someone from getting hurt. This is too complex an issue to solve over the internet.

I think managing your dogs and keeping them separated is the best way to go for now until you can get someone to evaluate your situation and help you train the more challenging behaviors. Use crates, baby gates, separate rooms, whatever.

When you have two or more dogs together I think you need to be more proactive about managing their interactions, keeping energy in mind. Dogs running around or playing roughly can escalate into a fight- prey drive can be triggered, one could run into or trip over the other, one takes rough play the wrong way and perceives it as aggressive or rude behavior, etc. I would not let Pippin correct the puppy, he doesn't seem capable of giving appropriate corrections, and I wouldn't let it get to the point where he feels the need to correct the puppy. If Zeke is approaching his space, redirect the puppy. If Zeke is pestering him to play, separate them. I personally would not have Zeke and Pippin together at all until you come up with a training plan with a behaviorist or trainer, but if they do happen to be together supervise them very closely and be proactive about their behavior and interactions rather than reactive.
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Hard to read

I was going to read your post but I get lost in all the text. You might want to make some paragraphs out of it.
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